• Writing a Door in C#

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST to Sunspoticus on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 17:08:10
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    Re: Writing a Door in C#
    By: Sunspoticus to All on Tue Jun 18 2019 10:13 pm


    Just curious.. Has anyone attempted to write a door using c#? I'd like to bring a number of "applications" over to my BBS (Synchronet) but really don't have time to bone up on JavaScript...

    One time I tried making a C# wrapper for the OpenDoors door kit (which is written in C). I was able to build & link the C# wrapper, but for some reason it never seemed to work though. When I tried to run my C# door, I never saw any output on the terminal. I gave up after a while, but it seemed like it should work..


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