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    I chose SCSI because you could "Daisy Chain" them. Can't do that with IDE.
    Well with IDE you sort-of could. Each IDE channel supported up to 2

    I had an Amiga back then. It was all SCSI but it was very easy to add drives to an Amiga compared to the IBM compats. Foolin with jumpers and

    Sometimes technology takes time to progress. Technology goes through its various versions and tends to get easier over time. :)

    It didn't take long for me to realize I dug a hole for myself when the IBM compats showed up. If I switched I would no longer be limited to upgrades made for Amiga. I could go to computer shows and build my own machine. Got my first mother board for 100 bucks from one vendor and a 1mg memory chip for 80. The case was 15. A HD for the Amiga was a min $500 bucks. What a difference.

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