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    From Pparker@VERT/OUTWEST to MRO on Friday, August 02, 2019 05:47:14
    I know Disney owns the Spider-Man IP, but as long as Sony
    keeps solely producing movies with Spider-Man characters,
    they get to keep the movie rights, which is why they
    started the Venomverse. Sony Pictures was pressured by
    Sony of Japan to make a deal with Disney to let Spider-Man
    characters be in the MCU, but they're hoping the deal runs
    out because then they can plop Spider-Man in the
    Venomverse as they can't use the character of Spider-Man
    specifically right now for live action stuff. If they
    never started the Venomverse, and only had the MCU
    Spider-Man movies, Disney would've eventually
    automatically gotten the rights back because Sony hadn't
    SOLELY been producing any movies with Spider-Man
    characters for a number of years.

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  • From Pparker@VERT/OUTWEST to All on Friday, August 02, 2019 05:52:24
    But, basically, to get back to the original point,
    Spider-Man was always rebooted for money. But if it were
    up to Marvel, the one we're in now would've been the only
    reboot there ever would be. And I can symapthize with
    Marvel wanting to be able to use their own mascot, so I
    think the current reboot was a good thing. I'm just
    afraid Sony's gonna pull a fast one and take him away from
    Marvel again and do YET ANOTHER reboot.

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