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    From MRO@VERT/BBSESINF to nelgin on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 21:50:50
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    By: nelgin to MRO on Tue Jan 30 2024 06:06 pm

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    By: MRO to nelgin on Tue Jan 30 2024 04:44 pm

    ha ha! got ya. you said you had me blocked.

    On my BBS yes, you're in my shitlist. It must feel very lonely to be

    all by yourself.

    all by myself? i live with a woman and a baby. Plus i dont get lonely. i enjoy time by myself. it's one of the good things about not being a shallow person. Btw, I don't know anything about you (other than you are a whiney
    baby) because you're a nobody.

    I have my spies.

    you have no friends, faggot.

    Yeah, The Kurgan said that. Don't lose your head.

    If you want to challenge me to a sword fight, lets do it. Dont tell me you're too busy sucking dicks. you can put them down for a bit.

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