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    From deuce@VERT to CVS commit on Monday, July 15, 2019 12:13:21
    3rdp/build GNUmakefile 1.51 1.52 cl-bn-noasm64-fix.patch NONE 1.1 cl-noasm-defines.patch NONE 1.1
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    cl-bn-noasm64-fix.patch cl-noasm-defines.patch
    Log Message:
    Attempt to fix issues on x86 systems by driving a final stake through all inline asm stuff (cl-noasm-defines.patch).

    This (of course) revealed an issue with 64-bit systems not building properly
    so cl-bn-noasm64-fix.patch fixes this again.

    There should no longer be any inline (or out of line) asm, so any more
    illegal instruction errors are likely to be the fault of the compiler or
    the compiler flags.

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