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    Now supports changing the message subject (with Ctrl-S). Ctrl-S was previously for text search, which has now been changed to Ctrl-W (word/text serach). Updated the version to 1.67. Changing the subject requires a Synchronet development build from July 21, 2019 or newer (that build added support for RESULT.ED even for

    Also, with this version, SlyEdit now also supports the WWIF EDITOR.INF information file. This SlyEdit always writes RESULT.ED after saving, even when configured for QuickBBS MSGINF/MSGTMP. When configured for WWIV EDITOR.INF/RESULT.ED, SlyEdit won't display the sub-board name (because that isn't available in EDITOR.INF), but in that configuration, earlier builds of Synchronet (before July 21, 2019) will read the RESULT.ED to pick up the new subject.


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