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    General Text File ("G-File") Section module
    Replacement for Baja TEXT_FILE_SECTION and JS bbs.text_sec() functions.
    Ported from src/sbbs3/text_sec.cpp

    You run it from a Baja module with: exec_bin text_sec

    This is a work-alike port of one of the oldest/cruftiest bits of C code in Synchronet with no improvements in look or usability.
    1. I want to eventually start deleting all the redundant C/C++ code in sbbs,
    so that's one reason why I've been creating these *_sec.js modules, and
    2. I think this "section" of the BBS could use some significant improvement
    and didn't want to do any of that in C/C++ - this is clearly a JavaScript
    task. But I wanted to start with the identical functionality and improve
    from there.

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