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    From echicken@VERT to CVS commit on Thursday, July 25, 2019 19:43:59
    exec/load/tickit file_handler.js NONE 1.1
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/exec/load/tickit
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv19219

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    Log Message:
    Copy files from inbound archives to arbitrary locations.
    Basically nodelist_handler.js, but less specialized.
    Usage example in comments; should wikify that.
    These are all "file handlers", but I canvassed a total of
    three Synchronet sysops and they all shrugged and said
    something like:
    <DigitalMan> file_handler seems fine

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  • From echicken@VERT to CVS commit on Friday, July 26, 2019 06:36:00
    exec/load/tickit file_handler.js 1.1 1.2
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/exec/load/tickit
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv6498

    Modified Files:
    Log Message:
    Added support for global and per-file "cmd" properties in HandlerArg.
    The global one is executed after all files have been processed.
    A per-file command is executed after that file has been copied (if it
    was copied successfully).
    Command line specifiers are supported in both cases. In the global
    command, %f is the TIC file path, and %s is the extraction dir. In
    a per-file command, %f is the destination file, and %s is the source.
    This will remain untested until I receive some files to process.

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