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    atcodes.cpp getmsg.cpp js_bbs.cpp main.cpp sbbs.h
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    @-code changes:
    Expanded codes will not *not* go beyond the terminal column width (minus 1).
    If you need the old/wrap behavior, add a "-W" modifier to your @-code.
    If a length value is specified with -W, it is ignored.

    - MSG_TO, MSG_FROM, MSG_SUBJECT now reflect the header values passed
    to sbbs_t::show_msghdr(), JS bbs.show_msg_header() and not necessarily the
    actual stored (e.g. MIME-encoded) header values.

    New codes:
    - MSG_CC - reflect a message's CC list, if it has one
    - DATETIMEZONE - combines DATETIME and TIMEZONE in one string

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