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    From echicken@VERT to CVS commit on Sunday, May 05, 2019 18:37:35
    xtrn/mrc mrc-connector.example.ini 1.1 1.2 readme.txt 1.2 1.3
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/xtrn/mrc
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    Modified Files:
    mrc-connector.example.ini readme.txt
    Log Message:
    Removed 'platform' line from example ini; this kvp no longer used.
    Removed note re 'platform' line from readme.txt
    Some of you were using this feature (as intended) to advertise that the
    client was running on some other/fake/amusing BBS package and OS. I'm
    told that this is not okay and may break things in the future. (If you
    update mrc-connector.js, the fact that you're running Synchronet and on
    Linux or Windows i386, i686, x86_64 will be shared with the MRC server.)

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