• src/sbbs3/scfg/scfgsub.c scfgmsg.c scfg.h

    From rswindell@VERT to CVS commit on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 00:53:40
    src/sbbs3/scfg scfgsub.c 1.51 1.52 scfgmsg.c 1.59 1.60 scfg.h 1.27 1.28
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/src/sbbs3/scfg
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv1032

    Modified Files:
    scfgsub.c scfgmsg.c scfg.h
    Log Message:
    Fix issue reported by Va7aqd: when sub-boards were cut to the clipboard
    (or deleted) or a group of sub-boards was deleted, and any of the deleted/cut sub-boards belonged to a configured QWKnet hub, that QWKnet sub-board would end-up pointing to the next sub-board in the configuration (possibly in another message group, possibly not part of the QWKnet in question). Now, if a
    QWKnet sub is deleted/cut, remove it (correctly) from any QWKnet hubs using
    a common (new) function: remove_sub(). The bug was: the remaining sub-board pointers were moved *before* the remove-sub pointer was compared against the list of QWKnet hub subs (and NULLed), so while the effort *was* made to address this problem, it didn't actually work in practice. Thanks for the bug report.

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