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    postmsg.cpp readmail.cpp readmsgs.cpp sbbs.h writemsg.cpp
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    sbbs_t::postmsg() and JS's bbs.post_msg() changes:
    When the WM_QUOTE mode flag is set and the 'remsg' is specified, the original message will quoted (excluding message tails, using the proper word-wrapping). If the quote file already exists before calling postmsg()/bbs.post_msg(), it will be over-written. This allows JS script to initiate reply-posts with quoted text without having to create their own quotes file. It also means there's no need to call sbbs_t::quotemsg() before calling sbbs_t::postmsg(). sbbs_t::quotemsg() now takes an smb_t* arg (stop using the sbbs_t 'global'
    smb) and now returns bool.

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