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    Revert r1.33

    Per RFC-5198:
    2. In Net-ASCII, CR MUST NOT appear except when immediately followed
    by either NUL or LF, with the latter (CR LF) designating the "new
    line" function. Today and as specified above, CR should
    generally appear only when followed by LF. Because page layout
    is better done in other ways, because NUL has a special
    interpretation in some programming languages, and to avoid other
    types of confusion, CR NUL should preferably be avoided as
    specified above.

    It's not worth breaking all connections for some broken telnet servers. Especially since we do not explicitly want CR behaviour which is the only
    place it's allowed.

    Per RFC-854:
    the sequence "CR NUL" must be used where a carriage return alone is
    actually desired;

    It's quite possible that these "telnet servers" are actually raw socket
    servers and should use raw sockets rather than telnet.

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