• bad pkt

    From Tommi Koivula@2:221/360 to august abolins on Thursday, November 10, 2022 07:35:10
    09 Nov 22 07:18, Tommi Koivula wrote to august abolins:

    Getting a "bad packet" report on the SAME pkt each and every time I poll with this thing.
    Just checking if at least this will get sent and if I even get regular pkts despite the
    constant error. --- AfterShock/Android 1.6.11
    * Origin: Mobile Pix (2:221/1.59)

    As I wrote in email, try to locate the bad pkt and remove. Would be nice to investigate it

    I just turned on archiving outbound .pkts, so if it happens again, we might see why.


    * Originally in fidotest
    * Crossposted in aftershock
    --- hpt/os2-wc 1.9 2022-10-30
    * Origin: rbb.fidonet.fi (2:221/360)