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    Area : BBSLISTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBBS1122.ZIP 1434856 = The Telnet & Dial-Up BBS Guide - 11/22 =
    = November 2022 Edition =
    Now on our 26th year of serving you!
    The Telnet BBS Guide is maintained
    each and every month by a BBS Sysop
    with over 29 years experience! (and over
    40 years of computer experience!) One of
    the largest listings of BBSes that
    focuses on just BBS systems with over
    1000 listings! Also includes US/Canada
    Dial-Up BBS list. NetRunner Freeware
    Telnet Client included. Maintained
    by The BBS Corner at:

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUSTANET.ZIP 2928454 JustaXnet Info Pack V21.28


    * League 510 JustaXnet InterBBS Games

    (10+) BRE/FE/Tal 510, AB I+II, Lord, ILord,

    Clans, Global War, Quest for Nora & More.

    * League 510 Multi Network!

    Official Web Site at


    Updated 01/12/2021


    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEAGUE10.ZIP 247811 League 10 Info Pack (with game setup info)

    Application Form, Echo's (messages areas -
    qwk or ftn import files), Nodelist.

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEGINFO.ZIP 2938 LegionNet Infopack
    September 27, 2020
    Information about LegionNet

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEGNET.ZIP 1683 LegionNet - RPG Network for Legion
    Legion is a fantasy type role playing
    door game that's supports Synchronet
    and is in development. Lets get the
    swords swingin'!

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIN_INFO.ZIP 1035853 LinuxNet INFO PACK FILE v128


    If you ever felt you want to work with Linux

    OS systems of all kinds as there is, and

    is many of kinds, then join this worldwide

    network. All you want to know about Linuxnet

    is in this archive include a nodelist.
    supporting languages discussions for Linux
    and Unix. Look for the new file in the pack.

    web http://www.linuxnet.name/ and LIN_INFO

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REBELNET.ZIP 2371 RebelNet hosted by Canadian Rebel BBS
    +o Samcrow

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RMININFO.ZIP 1094756 THE *NEW* RMININET NETWORK INFO!

    A network of Networks! 350 Conferences,
    oriented and friendly. Largest
    resources, Christian areas,
    general discussion,
    and vendor supported
    conferences. Now
    available via QWK, FTSC,
    Telnet, FTP, NNTP,
    SMTP, BINKP Satellite,
    world-wide. 150+
    International BBS's
    participate in one of the
    most recognized
    networks in the BBS world.

    Update 1/09/2021

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPOOKNET.ZIP 1551105 s p o o k n e t
    PHATstar production
    30+ echonet message areas
    7+ echonet filebone areas
    BinkP, 1 Gbit/s fast hub!
    spooknet infopack here!

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIRNET.ZIP 58263 Information file for VirNet.

    VirNet is a AntiVirus Network there

    Distribution AntiVirus utiltilies,
    updates, data files and Virus
    Dat files.

    Virnet have messages echos and file echos.

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHISPNET.ZIP 11682 WhisperNet - A Family Oriented Network
    Supports QWK/FTN with a variety of
    November 24, 2021
    Raiders Inc BBS
    Main FTN Hub: 316:36/1@whispnet
    Legion WHQ - current version v0.7.4a

    Area : INFOPACK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZYXELNET.ZIP 58484 ZyXEL-Net information file pack.

    ZyXEL-NET is a Network there manage all

    Utilities and programs for the ZyXEL
    of Routers and hardware.
    ZyXEL-NET is
    distribution of ZyXEL
    utilities of software.

    There are messages echos and software echoes.


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