• Pro-Life Democrats?

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Monday, January 27, 2020 09:32:31
    Pro-Life Democrat Kristen Day asked Pete Buttigieg at a town hall meeting if he's open to any "pro-life language" from members of them Democratic party.

    Opportunist Pete Buttigieg took that opportunity to warm the hearts of naive voters by saying "I won't lie to get elected by saying I'm pro-life."

    The two tricksters weren't fooling me with these old gags. Kristen Day, Pro-Life or not, is looking for a Democratic presidential candidate to be "Pro-Life" with her. She's never going to find that pot of gold while all candidates support open borders. You can't be "Pro-Life" while open borders brings "Certain-Death."

    The other one, trying to say "I'm won't lie to get elected.." well, that language appeals to the handout-seeking liberal voters. Because a true
    Democrat will lie to get elected, maybe not on the simple issue of abortion rights, but on multiple other things for sure. Just reference back to that
    guy who offered "affordable health care to all Americans" as a campaign
    pitch; he didn't even get us 1/2 way there, despite support from the house & the senate.

    Lies, shams, empty promises, these are the things that "successful" Democrats are made of.

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