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    Hello Everybody,

    This is how our dumbfuck of a president treats our nation's finest -

    Veterans Dying in VA Nursing Homes

    Source: Military.com

    27 Apr 2020

    RESERVE, La. — A nursing home for veterans in Louisiana has one
    of the state's deadliest coronavirus clusters, data shows.

    In the last month alone, there have been 43 deaths at the Southeast
    Louisiana Veterans Home in Reserve, though just over half were
    attributed to the virus, said Brandee Patrick, a spokeswoman for the
    facility's operator, the state Department of Veterans Affair.

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    The home, which held around 150 veterans when the outbreak began, now
    has just 96 residents left, The New Orleans Advocate reported. Five of
    them are hospitalized. Of the rest, 47 have tested negative for the coronavirus, 34 have tested positive and six had inconclusive results,
    Patrick said.

    Those numbers come as the state reported Saturday more than 26,500
    cases throughout Louisiana and nearly 1,650 deaths .........

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    https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/04/27/deaths-mount-officials -test-all-veterans-nursing-home.html

    Makes you feel real proud to be an American!
    55,000+ dead and counting! Yee-ha!


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