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    This piece of wonderment was written by WEB du Bois in 1897 -

    In science and morals, I have indicated two fields of work for the
    Academy. Finally, in practical policy, I wish to suggest the following
    Academy Creed:

    1. We believe that the Negro people, as a race, have a contribution
    to make to civilization and humanity, which no other race can make.

    2. We believe it the duty of the Americans of Negro descent, as a body,
    to maintain their race identity until this mission of the Negro people
    is accomplished, and the ideal of human brotherhood has become a
    practical possibility.

    3. We believe that, unless modern civilization is a failure, it is
    entirely feasible and practicable for two races in such essential
    political, economic and religious harmony as the white and colored
    people of America, to develop side by side in peace and mutual
    happiness, the peculiar contribution which each has to make to the
    culture of their common country.

    4. As a means to this end we advocate, not such social equality between
    these races as would disregard human likes and dislikes, but such a
    social equilibrium as would, throughout all the complicated relations
    of life, give due and just consideration to culture, ability, and moral
    worth, whether they be found under white or black skins.

    5. We believe that the first and greatest step toward the settlement
    of the present friction between the races—commonly called the Negro Problem—lies in the correction of the immorality, crime and laziness
    among the Negroes themselves, which still remains as a heritage from
    slavery. We believe that only earnest and long continued efforts on
    our own part can cure these social ills.

    6. We believe that the second great step toward a better adjustment of
    the relations between the races, should be a more impartial selection
    of ability in the economic and intellectual world, and a greater
    respect for personal liberty and worth, regardless of race. We believe
    that only earnest efforts on the part of the white people of this
    country will bring much needed reform in these matters.

    7. On the basis of the foregoing declaration, and firmly believing in
    our high destiny, we, as American Negroes, are resolved to strive in
    every honorable way for the realization of the best and highest aims,
    for the development of strong manhood and pure womanhood, and for the
    rearing of a race ideal in America and Africa, to the glory of God and
    the uplifting of the Negro people.

    W. E. Burghardt Du Bois.

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