• Harris Faulkner Interview

    From Aaron Thomas@1:267/150 to All on Friday, June 12, 2020 20:40:36
    Harris Faulkner is adorable and sweet.

    I enjoyed her interview with our president.

    Trump is right too. Joe Biden is "not all there," unfortunately, and "it's so sad to see." That's my Trump quote. Now my comment on it is that it's so sad, but also so hilarious!

    Harris also asked him about the "lootings lead to shootings comment." It's
    good advice to live by; if you loot somebody's store, you might get shot.

    Harris observed that the phrase had been used in conjunction with police brutality in the past, but ultimately it's a case of one person's words being misconstrued by another person's recollection of past experiences.

    It would have been less helpful if Trump had said "Don't loot because you're putting yourself in danger if you do." Criminals listen better when you use less, smaller words, so his comment was actually perfect.

    I'm SO relieved to know that 40% of liberals support Trump. It's a shame that 0% of conservatives support Biden. I was also relieved to hear George W say that reports of him not supporting Trump "are totally made up." He's a good boy.

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