• Corruption of NYRSC?

    From Aaron Thomas@1:267/150 to All on Saturday, June 20, 2020 16:12:51
    This is the first and probably last time you'll hear me complain about Republican corruption, but it seems like the NYRSC is up to something.

    They've got former US rep Claudia Tenney running against newcomer George Phillips in a primary. Claudia lost the previous election miserably to
    current US rep Anthony Brindisi(D). She ran such a weak campaign; she was nowhere to be found during the campaign, and she did jack while in office. She's like a Joe Biden; she sucks up to Trump and we're supposed to just love her to pieces because Trump said so? That's not the path that we follow..

    So instead of my whole district being in favor of the strongest candidate,
    the NYSRC is suggesting we vote for Claudia while George Phillips is the most vocal, and strongest candidate. He offered to debate her and she refused; and that's who they want us to vote for?

    Without taking too much focus off this, let mention a couple other Republican failures in NYS: My district had 0 Republicans on the ballot last election
    for State Assembly; a democrat lunatic won in an unopposed election, pencil-whipped the bail reform bill, and now the republican committee for my district is bombarded with 2 candidates who they failed to recruit in the previous election. And same problem again; we need the strongest candidate
    and they're leaving it up to an election to decide who's who.

    And the governor last election? Mark Molinaro? What was he supposed to do to help our state? Run a weak election and surrender democracy to the confederates? If so, then that double crossing double agent has completed
    his mission.

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