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    From Dan Cross@3:770/100 to All on Thursday, June 25, 2020 14:58:28
    Coronapaloosa, Trump 2020: the Farewell Tour

    So Trump spoke at Coughing Man, aka Covidstock, aka Coronapaloosa.
    He was apparently horrified and full of rage at the 1/3 full stadium.

    Oh, and he got trolled by a bunch of Zoomer K-pop fans on TikTok.
    A million tickets issued, but only 6,200 actually showed up and
    they had to cancel the overflow events.

    Could it be that even in Ruby-Red Oklahoma Trump is losing his
    magical ability to manipulate the Trump Truth Distortion Field?

    Could it be that his only remaining supporters suffer so badly
    from Trump Delusion Syndrome that they don't see what an
    abjectly horrible "leader" he is?

    Will all of the Alt-Right almost-neo-Nazis who can't _quite_ bring
    themselves to just admit that they're racists skulk back to Fidonet
    and keep hiding?

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