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    Why would a people who lost a war want to talk about having lost
    a war?

    Die learn from their mistakes and not make them again?

    Times are changing in Germany. Chancellor Merkel is leaving,
    having been forced to take an early exit by the far right.

    Early? She's been chancellor for 14 years now and the next elections are expected to be in 2021. The current opionen poll says
    CDU/CSU 29%
    SPD 16%
    Gruene 19%
    FDP 8%
    DIE LINKE 9%
    AfD 13%
    others 6%

    Noone is willing to form a coalition with the AfD, only SPD and Gruene might form one with DIE LINKE, so there's no majority without CDU/CSU. If Merkel wanted to run again, she'd become chancellor again.

    are youthful white nationalist terror groups gaining in number,
    whose very slogans mimic those of the third reich.

    Which would be?

    It won't be long before all of Europe begins chanting "Sieg Heil!"

    Why would we? We've tried controlling Europe by means of war two times and failed. Now we're sending money to the EU to control Europe, it seems to work a
    lot better. England already voted to surrender, they just haven't made up their mind yet on whether it's going to be unconditionally. :-)

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