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    Actually, his initial ban was on 7 Muslim countries -- and got thrown
    out by the courts. His second try also got tossed. It was not until
    his third try when he put in a country with some other basic religion
    that the courts let him have his draconian policy.

    The courts made this decision based on what was indicted on the campaign
    trail, not what Donald Trump indicated as President.

    The President was successful, and besides there are over 40 Muslim countries which are not banned.

    What you lefties never seem to understand is that there are people who chant death to America, like in Iran, and yet you would welcome them into your neighborhood. Worse yet there are jihadi's who would remove your head from your shoulders with a blade, and NO they will not ask first, what your political affiliation is before they lob off your head.

    That 5 billion would only be a down payment on a useless appendage. It would not stop drugs. It would not stop most of undocumented
    immigrants. It would have no impact on terrorist attacks against the
    USA -- most of which have been performed by native born Americans.

    Actually the wall has already worked where it has been established. It's not useless if it saves lives (on both sides of the wall) The wall where it has been constructed already has able to stop undocumented immigrants and drugs.
    By the way; just you are aware terrorists have been discovered found within
    the caravan of people.

    What you people never acknowledge is the Dead Americans who lost their lives by the hands of these illegal immigrants. Do you live in a cave or something? You didn't hear of the Newman, California Police officer - Ronil Singh who was murdered by a illegal immigrant.

    But it is the alt-right conservative religous groups who deny that LBGTQ should have any rights or even have any existence.

    Your information is massively incorrect.

    how many of those enrolled there are poor, or aren't going to be pay off their student loans for 20+ years after they graduate? RPI tuitio is $51,000 a year. That's about the average household income per year the US.

    and if one graduates from RPI they have a very high potential of making 100k a year.

    The type of person Mike mentions would not graduate from a college that they have little chance of getting in nor paying for if they did.

    One needs to live within their means, if one can not afford to go to RPI,
    Yale, or even the Wharton School of Finance then they have no business in attending the admissions office.

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