• Legalized Prostitution

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 21:42:37
    So my good buddy Andrew Cuomo is so smart, he got a bunch of idiots to vote
    for him by saying he was going to legalize recreational marijuana in NYS, but of course, things happen, and that didn't happen. He did win his re-election though; that happened.

    Now, while we've got our bongs & papers ready, the legalization has stalled, and so, him and other democrats feel the need to promise more stuff that scumbags want legalized; prostitution. So in his re-election effort (coming
    up in 5 years) he's going to be able to say "We couldn't legalize marijuana
    in my first 3 terms, but we're going to nail it in the 4th - plus- everyone gets laid."

    The legalized prostitution should go hand-in-hand with the delivery-date abortion bill that is now law in NYS. Prostitutes will need those abortions. They will also need that legalized weed, to help them act even more stupid. Cuomo's welcome message to illegal immigrants will become a broader welcome message extended also to sex trafficking victims and to pimps who will say "What man? It's legal!"

    This state sucks! Why can't we get the state to care more about important issues like child abuse, unsafe & inadequate housing, or welfare fraud?
    People here are lazy, self-centered, and so stupid, they're smart!

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