• Keep America Great

    From Lee Lofaso@2:221/360 to All on Monday, June 24, 2019 07:05:57
    Hello Everybody,

    Please do not tell The Donald.

    His new campaign slogan, Keep America Great, may be a problem.

    Unscramble the letters and you will know what I mean.

    It is an anagram.

    * Pacemaker Agree It

    Some folks might think I have mistranslated it.
    So I have given it a bit more thought.

    * Pacemaker Age Rite

    Well, Donald Trump has just celebrated his 73rd birthday,
    and he is not getting any younger. So this could be it.

    * I Are Get Pacemaker

    That's what happens after eating too much birthday cake.

    On the other hand, the anagram could mean something else entirely.

    * I Me Gape Caretaker

    Well, if he gets a pacemaker, he will need a caretaker ...

    * Magi Caretaker Pee

    I don't even want to think of what that means.

    * A Racketeer Magpie

    Now that's more like it.

    * Me, A Racketeer, A Pig

    The Unholy Trinity.


    Sleep With Someone New

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