• "Civil Offense"

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Thursday, July 11, 2019 21:58:34
    Liberals keep saying "Illegal border crossing is just a civil offense."

    They argue that civil offenses committed by "migrants," should go unpunished. That equates to this:

    "Illegals shouldn't be punished, but rewarded because they're probably refugees. But if US residents or citizens commit civil offenses, they should pay fines and/or go to jail."

    If civil offenses don't apply to illegals, does that mean they don't get traffic tickets either? No fine for marijuana possession? Park wherever they want? Breach of contract/no biggie? If they accidentally smash my window, do they get a free cheeseburger?

    Accountability, integrity, America first, consequences for crimes, Angel Parents, lawful migration -> do all these terms make liberal stomachs turn?

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