• AmigaOS4 NorthEast Get-Together

    From Ray Sbaitso@1:19/38 to All on Sunday, March 10, 2019 07:02:42
    The First Annual
    AmigaOS4 NorthEast Get-Together
    Oswego NY
    June 14-16 2019
    You're invited to join us for fun and camaraderie. It's Amiga Time!

    Arrive Friday the 14th Depart Sunday the 16th
    Saturday in the Riverside room
    9AM - 11AM Jamie Krueger shows AVD
    11AM group trip (a surprise)
    12PM lunch* followed by hands on questions and answers until 4pm.
    5pm All you can eat Barbecue* with Salt potatoes (regional dish). Swimming socializing with your fellow Amiga lovers!

    *Lunch and dinner provided free of charge by Amiga on the Lake.

    See the blog: amigaonthelake.com/blog/amigaos4-northeast-gettogether-june-1416-2019

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