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    Glad to see you, Carol!

    Re: Re: Asia/Asian? By: Flavio Bessa to Carol Shenkenberger on Mon Mar
    21 2022 10:04 pm
    On 21 Mar 2022, Carol Shenkenberger said the following... > > CS> I
    think if telegram existed when Russel Tiedt was running Z5, they migh >
    still be here todaay as a zone. In the end, it was a collection
    trying > CS> to push fidonet over packet radio and some other oddball
    thing explaine > CS> as related to ham radio related signals. > >
    One thing that I never understood about Z5 and Z6 demise is that at leas
    here, in Latin America, we have a strong retrocomputing community, so
    every > and then someone from our glorious past joins back to the
    family. In a slow > pace, but steady, we were able to add 10 systems to
    Argentina, Brazil and > Panama in the last 5 years. > > It's been a
    while since Z5 and Z6 are gone... There should have been > someone on
    that area willing to come back... > > ... I put a dollar in one of
    those change machines. Nothing changed. >
    Hehe, I tried with Z6 but in the end, we transitioned the remaining
    nodes to Z3. There have been a few popping back up, but in Z3.

    I'm ex Z5, but now Z4. RT is in New Zealand.. I know of only one board running in South Africa, and he's QWKNet only.
    What is RT, John?

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