• Uplink/Nolink...

    From Ozz Nixon@1:229/426 to All on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 01:17:07
    As some may or may not know, 275/0 aka /100 went down due to a nasty storm that ripped through VA (Sunday Night/Monday Morning)... took our Carol's computer.

    In the meantime, I have turned on my Tosser Monday morning... jumping on Nick's system - I did not see anything that I sent out 8hrs ago show up. Which raises a file naming question...

    One Spec. states naming the ARCMAIL HEX(mynet-uplinknet,4)+HEX(mynode-uplinknode,4) + WE0 for example. However, when I implements BSO support, the ARCMAIL it looked for was just HEX(uplinknet,4)+HEX(uplinknode,4) +WE0.

    Which is correct?

    Also, any naming restriction for the .PKT files? My randomizer uses 0..9+a..z (instead of 0..9, or just HEX).

    Lastly, PRODCODE for new products is 0xFE right? SBBSEcho was sending to me as PRODCODE=0x00 (Tom's ID).

    Thanks for assistance!

    PS. Tosser is working fine with FSXNet (I have received a reply to my test on there). So maybe something above SBBSEcho does't like...

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