• how very little can be done under the spirit of fear

    From Maurice Kinal@1:153/7001.2989 to Florence Nightingale on Thursday, April 25, 2019 22:44:44
    Hey Florence!

    All the 8 bit codepages in fts-5003.001. Note decimal 141, aka 0x8d, under CP1252. I think we've found CP437's missing ì and it should be no surprise that it is an MS encoding that marks the end of fun and games.

    Dec CP437 IBM848 CP850 CP852 CP866 CP1250 CP1251 CP1252 8859-1
    8859-2 8859-5 8859-9 =============================================================================== =====================
    128 c387 d090 c387 c387 d090 e282ac d082 e282ac c280 c280 c280 c280
    129 c3bc d091 c3bc c3bc d091 d083 c281 c281 c281 c281
    130 c3a9 d092 c3a9 c3a9 d092 e2809a e2809a e2809a c282 c282 c282 c282
    131 c3a2 d093 c3a2 c3a2 d093 d193 c692 c283 c283 c283 c283
    132 c3a4 d094 c3a4 c3a4 d094 e2809e e2809e e2809e c284 c284 c284 c284
    133 c3a0 d095 c3a0 c5af d095 e280a6 e280a6 e280a6 c285 c285 c285 c285
    134 c3a5 d096 c3a5 c487 d096 e280a0 e280a0 e280a0 c286 c286 c286 c286
    135 c3a7 d097 c3a7 c3a7 d097 e280a1 e280a1 e280a1 c287 c287 c287 c287
    136 c3aa d098 c3aa c582 d098 e282ac cb86 c288 c288 c288 c288
    137 c3ab d099 c3ab c3ab d099 e280b0 e280b0 e280b0 c289 c289 c289 c289
    138 c3a8 d09a c3a8 c590 d09a c5a0 d089 c5a0 c28a c28a c28a c28a
    139 c3af d09b c3af c591 d09b e280b9 e280b9 e280b9 c28b c28b c28b c28b
    140 c3ae d09c c3ae c3ae d09c c59a d08a c592 c28c c28c c28c c28c
    141 c3ac d09d c3ac c5b9 d09d c5a4 d08c c28d c28d c28d c28d
    142 c384 d09e c384 c384 d09e c5bd d08b c5bd c28e c28e c28e c28e
    143 c385 d09f c385 c486 d09f c5b9 d08f c28f c28f c28f c28f
    144 c389 d0a0 c389 c389 d0a0 d192 c290 c290 c290 c290
    145 c3a6 d0a1 c3a6 c4b9 d0a1 e28098 e28098 e28098 c291 c291 c291 c291
    146 c386 d0a2 c386 c4ba d0a2 e28099 e28099 e28099 c292 c292 c292 c292
    147 c3b4 d0a3 c3b4 c3b4 d0a3 e2809c e2809c e2809c c293 c293 c293 c293
    148 c3b6 d0a4 c3b6 c3b6 d0a4 e2809d e2809d e2809d c294 c294 c294 c294
    149 c3b2 d0a5 c3b2 c4bd d0a5 e280a2 e280a2 e280a2 c295 c295 c295 c295
    150 c3bb d0a6 c3bb c4be d0a6 e28093 e28093 e28093 c296 c296 c296 c296
    151 c3b9 d0a7 c3b9 c59a d0a7 e28094 e28094 e28094 c297 c297 c297 c297
    152 c3bf d0a8 c3bf c59b d0a8 cb9c c298 c298 c298 c298
    153 c396 d0a9 c396 c396 d0a9 e284a2 e284a2 e284a2 c299 c299 c299 c299
    154 c39c d0aa c39c c39c d0aa c5a1 d199 c5a1 c29a c29a c29a c29a
    155 c2a2 d0ab c3b8 c5a4 d0ab e280ba e280ba e280ba c29b c29b c29b c29b
    156 c2a3 d0ac c2a3 c5a5 d0ac c59b d19a c593 c29c c29c c29c c29c
    157 c2a5 d0ad c398 c581 d0ad c5a5 d19c c29d c29d c29d c29d
    158 e282a7 d0ae c397 c397 d0ae c5be d19b c5be c29e c29e c29e c29e
    159 c692 d0af c692 c48d d0af c5ba d19f c5b8 c29f c29f c29f c29f
    160 c3a1 d0b0 c3a1 c3a1 d0b0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0
    161 c3ad d0b1 c3ad c3ad d0b1 cb87 d08e c2a1 c2a1 c484 d081 c2a1
    162 c3b3 d0b2 c3b3 c3b3 d0b2 cb98 d19e c2a2 c2a2 cb98 d082 c2a2
    163 c3ba d0b3 c3ba c3ba d0b3 c581 d088 c2a3 c2a3 c581 d083 c2a3
    164 c3b1 d0b4 c3b1 c484 d0b4 c2a4 c2a4 c2a4 c2a4 c2a4 d084 c2a4
    165 c391 d0b5 c391 c485 d0b5 c484 d290 c2a5 c2a5 c4bd d085 c2a5
    166 c2aa d0b6 c2aa c5bd d0b6 c2a6 c2a6 c2a6 c2a6 c59a d086 c2a6
    167 c2ba d0b7 c2ba c5be d0b7 c2a7 c2a7 c2a7 c2a7 c2a7 d087 c2a7
    168 c2bf d0b8 c2bf c498 d0b8 c2a8 d081 c2a8 c2a8 c2a8 d088 c2a8
    169 e28c90 d0b9 c2ae c499 d0b9 c2a9 c2a9 c2a9 c2a9 c5a0 d089 c2a9
    170 c2ac d0ba c2ac c2ac d0ba c59e d084 c2aa c2aa c59e d08a c2aa
    171 c2bd d0bb c2bd c5ba d0bb c2ab c2ab c2ab c2ab c5a4 d08b c2ab
    172 c2bc d0bc c2bc c48c d0bc c2ac c2ac c2ac c2ac c5b9 d08c c2ac
    173 c2a1 d0bd c2a1 c59f d0bd c2ad c2ad c2ad c2ad c2ad c2ad c2ad
    174 c2ab d0be c2ab c2ab d0be c2ae c2ae c2ae c2ae c5bd d08e c2ae
    175 c2bb d0bf c2bb c2bb d0bf c5bb d087 c2af c2af c5bb d08f c2af
    176 e29691 e29691 e29691 e29691 e29691 c2b0 c2b0 c2b0 c2b0 c2b0 d090 c2b0
    177 e29692 e29692 e29692 e29692 e29692 c2b1 c2b1 c2b1 c2b1 c485 d091 c2b1
    178 e29693 e29693 e29693 e29693 e29693 cb9b d086 c2b2 c2b2 cb9b d092 c2b2
    179 e29482 e29482 e29482 e29482 e29482 c582 d196 c2b3 c2b3 c582 d093 c2b3
    180 e294a4 e294a4 e294a4 e294a4 e294a4 c2b4 d291 c2b4 c2b4 c2b4 d094 c2b4
    181 e295a1 e295a1 c381 c381 e295a1 c2b5 c2b5 c2b5 c2b5 c4be d095 c2b5
    182 e295a2 e295a2 c382 c382 e295a2 c2b6 c2b6 c2b6 c2b6 c59b d096 c2b6
    183 e29596 e29596 c380 c49a e29596 c2b7 c2b7 c2b7 c2b7 cb87 d097 c2b7
    184 e29595 e29595 c2a9 c59e e29595 c2b8 d191 c2b8 c2b8 c2b8 d098 c2b8
    185 e295a3 e295a3 e295a3 e295a3 e295a3 c485 e28496 c2b9 c2b9 c5a1 d099 c2b9
    186 e29591 e29591 e29591 e29591 e29591 c59f d194 c2ba c2ba c59f d09a c2ba
    187 e29597 e29597 e29597 e29597 e29597 c2bb c2bb c2bb c2bb c5a5 d09b c2bb
    188 e2959d e2959d e2959d e2959d e2959d c4bd d198 c2bc c2bc c5ba d09c c2bc
    189 e2959c e2959c c2a2 c5bb e2959c cb9d d085 c2bd c2bd cb9d d09d c2bd
    190 e2959b e2959b c2a5 c5bc e2959b c4be d195 c2be c2be c5be d09e c2be
    191 e29490 e29490 e29490 e29490 e29490 c5bc d197 c2bf c2bf c5bc d09f c2bf
    192 e29494 e29494 e29494 e29494 e29494 c594 d090 c380 c380 c594 d0a0 c380
    193 e294b4 e294b4 e294b4 e294b4 e294b4 c381 d091 c381 c381 c381 d0a1 c381
    194 e294ac e294ac e294ac e294ac e294ac c382 d092 c382 c382 c382 d0a2 c382
    195 e2949c e2949c e2949c e2949c e2949c c482 d093 c383 c383 c482 d0a3 c383
    196 e29480 e29480 e29480 e29480 e29480 c384 d094 c384 c384 c384 d0a4 c384
    197 e294bc e294bc e294bc e294bc e294bc c4b9 d095 c385 c385 c4b9 d0a5 c385
    198 e2959e e2959e c3a3 c482 e2959e c486 d096 c386 c386 c486 d0a6 c386
    199 e2959f e2959f c383 c483 e2959f c387 d097 c387 c387 c387 d0a7 c387
    200 e2959a e2959a e2959a e2959a e2959a c48c d098 c388 c388 c48c d0a8 c388
    201 e29594 e29594 e29594 e29594 e29594 c389 d099 c389 c389 c389 d0a9 c389
    202 e295a9 e295a9 e295a9 e295a9 e295a9 c498 d09a c38a c38a c498 d0aa c38a
    203 e295a6 e295a6 e295a6 e295a6 e295a6 c38b d09b c38b c38b c38b d0ab c38b
    204 e295a0 e295a0 e295a0 e295a0 e295a0 c49a d09c c38c c38c c49a d0ac c38c
    205 e29590 e29590 e29590 e29590 e29590 c38d d09d c38d c38d c38d d0ad c38d
    206 e295ac e295ac e295ac e295ac e295ac c38e d09e c38e c38e c38e d0ae c38e
    207 e295a7 e295a7 c2a4 c2a4 e295a7 c48e d09f c38f c38f c48e d0af c38f
    208 e295a8 e295a8 c3b0 c491 e295a8 c490 d0a0 c390 c390 c490 d0b0 c49e
    209 e295a4 e295a4 c390 c490 e295a4 c583 d0a1 c391 c391 c583 d0b1 c391
    210 e295a5 e295a5 c38a c48e e295a5 c587 d0a2 c392 c392 c587 d0b2 c392
    211 e29599 e29599 c38b c38b e29599 c393 d0a3 c393 c393 c393 d0b3 c393
    212 e29598 e29598 c388 c48f e29598 c394 d0a4 c394 c394 c394 d0b4 c394
    213 e29592 e29592 c4b1 c587 e29592 c590 d0a5 c395 c395 c590 d0b5 c395
    214 e29593 e29593 c38d c38d e29593 c396 d0a6 c396 c396 c396 d0b6 c396
    215 e295ab e295ab c38e c38e e295ab c397 d0a7 c397 c397 c397 d0b7 c397
    216 e295aa e295aa c38f c49b e295aa c598 d0a8 c398 c398 c598 d0b8 c398
    217 e29498 e29498 e29498 e29498 e29498 c5ae d0a9 c399 c399 c5ae d0b9 c399
    218 e2948c e2948c e2948c e2948c e2948c c39a d0aa c39a c39a c39a d0ba c39a
    219 e29688 e29688 e29688 e29688 e29688 c5b0 d0ab c39b c39b c5b0 d0bb c39b
    220 e29684 e29684 e29684 e29684 e29684 c39c d0ac c39c c39c c39c d0bc c39c
    221 e2968c e2968c c2a6 c5a2 e2968c c39d d0ad c39d c39d c39d d0bd c4b0
    222 e29690 e29690 c38c c5ae e29690 c5a2 d0ae c39e c39e c5a2 d0be c59e
    223 e29680 e29680 e29680 e29680 e29680 c39f d0af c39f c39f c39f d0bf c39f
    224 ceb1 d180 c393 c393 d180 c595 d0b0 c3a0 c3a0 c595 d180 c3a0
    225 c39f d181 c39f c39f d181 c3a1 d0b1 c3a1 c3a1 c3a1 d181 c3a1
    226 ce93 d182 c394 c394 d182 c3a2 d0b2 c3a2 c3a2 c3a2 d182 c3a2
    227 cf80 d183 c392 c583 d183 c483 d0b3 c3a3 c3a3 c483 d183 c3a3
    228 cea3 d184 c3b5 c584 d184 c3a4 d0b4 c3a4 c3a4 c3a4 d184 c3a4
    229 cf83 d185 c395 c588 d185 c4ba d0b5 c3a5 c3a5 c4ba d185 c3a5
    230 c2b5 d186 c2b5 c5a0 d186 c487 d0b6 c3a6 c3a6 c487 d186 c3a6
    231 cf84 d187 c3be c5a1 d187 c3a7 d0b7 c3a7 c3a7 c3a7 d187 c3a7
    232 cea6 d188 c39e c594 d188 c48d d0b8 c3a8 c3a8 c48d d188 c3a8
    233 ce98 d189 c39a c39a d189 c3a9 d0b9 c3a9 c3a9 c3a9 d189 c3a9
    234 cea9 d18a c39b c595 d18a c499 d0ba c3aa c3aa c499 d18a c3aa
    235 ceb4 d18b c399 c5b0 d18b c3ab d0bb c3ab c3ab c3ab d18b c3ab
    236 e2889e d18c c3bd c3bd d18c c49b d0bc c3ac c3ac c49b d18c c3ac
    237 cf86 d18d c39d c39d d18d c3ad d0bd c3ad c3ad c3ad d18d c3ad
    238 ceb5 d18e c2af c5a3 d18e c3ae d0be c3ae c3ae c3ae d18e c3ae
    239 e288a9 d18f c2b4 c2b4 d18f c48f d0bf c3af c3af c48f d18f c3af
    240 e289a1 d081 c2ad c2ad d081 c491 d180 c3b0 c3b0 c491 e28496 c49f
    241 c2b1 d191 c2b1 cb9d d191 c584 d181 c3b1 c3b1 c584 d191 c3b1
    242 e289a5 d290 e28097 cb9b d084 c588 d182 c3b2 c3b2 c588 d192 c3b2
    243 e289a4 d291 c2be cb87 d194 c3b3 d183 c3b3 c3b3 c3b3 d193 c3b3
    244 e28ca0 d084 c2b6 cb98 d087 c3b4 d184 c3b4 c3b4 c3b4 d194 c3b4
    245 e28ca1 d194 c2a7 c2a7 d197 c591 d185 c3b5 c3b5 c591 d195 c3b5
    246 c3b7 d086 c3b7 c3b7 d08e c3b6 d186 c3b6 c3b6 c3b6 d196 c3b6
    247 e28988 d196 c2b8 c2b8 d19e c3b7 d187 c3b7 c3b7 c3b7 d197 c3b7
    248 c2b0 d087 c2b0 c2b0 c2b0 c599 d188 c3b8 c3b8 c599 d198 c3b8
    249 e28899 d197 c2a8 c2a8 e28899 c5af d189 c3b9 c3b9 c5af d199 c3b9
    250 c2b7 c2b7 c2b7 cb99 c2b7 c3ba d18a c3ba c3ba c3ba d19a c3ba
    251 e2889a e2889a c2b9 c5b1 e2889a c5b1 d18b c3bb c3bb c5b1 d19b c3bb
    252 e281bf e28496 c2b3 c598 e28496 c3bc d18c c3bc c3bc c3bc d19c c3bc
    253 c2b2 c2a4 c2b2 c599 c2a4 c3bd d18d c3bd c3bd c3bd c2a7 c4b1
    254 e296a0 e296a0 e296a0 e296a0 e296a0 c5a3 d18e c3be c3be c5a3 d19e c59f
    255 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 c2a0 cb99 d18f c3bf c3bf cb99 d19f c3bf
    =============================================================================== =====================

    Life is good,

    ... Don't cry for me I have vi.
    --- GNU bash, version 5.0.7(1)-release (aarch64-raspi3b+-linux-gnu)
    * Origin: Little Mikey's CanadARM - Ladysmith BC, Canada (1:153/7001.2989)