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    just a heads up about storm related problems that daryl stout, 1:19/33, is facing right now...

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    On 2019 Jun 26 06:48:22, JOE MACKEY wrote to you:
    Everyone --
    Daryl is still having problems with his BBS, ham radio and other things from the storms in his area a week or more ago.
    At last report he has no electric since the power was knocked out and
    winds took his meter off his house and other things.
    Just wanted to keep everyone posted.
    If I hear anything more I'll pass it along.
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  • From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to MARK LEWIS on Saturday, July 06, 2019 08:31:00

    I'm finally back online after being down from June 19 through July 5.

    Severe thunderstorms blasted across Arkansas, with hail over 4 inches
    in diameter in west Arkansas...tornadoes in southeast Arkansas...and
    hurricane force winds elsewhere.

    One such storm uprooted a huge tree just up the street, causing it to
    fall on power lines. That pulled apart the power pole across the street,
    and ripped the electric meter off the north side of the house.

    The night of the storms wasn't too bad, for the rain...but the next
    day and night, apparent temperatures were over 100 degrees. It was like
    taking a hot shower, then climing into bed naked and wet. I didn't even
    get 5 hours of sleep that night.

    Realizing people die in conditions like this, I was able to get a room
    at an area motel. But, since the insurance company (who considers it a catastrophe if they have to pay a claim) noted the house was "livable"
    (it still had running water and no other damage, except for the electric
    meter and indoor panel noted above), they won't pay the $950 hotel bill.
    Add to that I had to pay my Mom's $1900 income tax bill (she's dying in
    a nursing home), so that wiped out a planned trip to Albuquerque for a
    ham radio event in September.

    If that wasn't bad enough, I have a huge stone in my bladder that was
    MISSED several months ago, so I have surgery on the agenda.

    But, I'm back online, with Window 10 Pro 32-bit...and so is the BBS.
    However, summertime thunderstorms, and brownouts with high heat indexes (causing folks to run their air conditioners) may mean downtimes for the
    BBS (I don't want another "local hotel vacation"). The commercials for
    the Generac Generators are deceptive in the price...they do NOT include
    the installation fees, and I can't afford that right now.


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