• Amongst Friends Query (first)...

    From Ozz Nixon@1:275/362 to All on Thursday, February 07, 2019 15:11:12
    Amongst Friends Query (first)...

    As a long time developer of BBS and utilities... when I started going through FTSC in Jan 2017, I found myself wishing there was a road map, or a better form
    of organization for the documentation. With the recent nominations ... I ask those who kinda know of me more than the FTSC_PUBLIC goup. Would it make sense to offer up a "Road Map" document, or restructuring the documents into a more modernized library?

    Road Map Example: (Summarized, the best I can be at "brief")...

    FTCWF - What is Fidonet?
    * Including Historian View, Linked BBS Documentary Chapters on YouTube, etc.
    * Maybe even photos, credits, tribute type section out of respect for the organization we love to fight about.

    FTCRE - Rules of Engagement
    * Document the different offices held in respect to keeping Fidonet going and management.
    * A section for ECHO rules to be posted quarterly or every 6 months (no sooner).

    FTCDD - Developers Directory
    * List of technologies supported by Fidonet Systems
    * Understanding the Nodelist (it needs to be a "How to read it!")
    * Understanding the Current (2019 Fidonet Routing)
    ** Including PATH, SEEN-BY, INTL, Points, Zones/Regions/Nets/Hubs/Nodes
    * Known Projects in Active Development as of 2018 (allow groups/individuals to submit)
    ** This would allow us to revise PRODID listing!
    * Documents if you are writing a Nodelist Parser/Compiler/Merger
    * Documents if you are writing a Fido/Open Reader or Writer
    * Documents if you are writing a Modem Mailer
    * Documents if you are writing a TCP/IP Mailer
    * Documents if you are writing a Tosser
    ** Including a document with working code example for JAM, HUDSON, SQUISH, Fido/Opus
    * Documents if you are writing an Areafix/AreaMgr
    * Documents if you are writing a File/Tic Engine

    FTCSO - System Operations
    * An overview of the topics from FTCDD (in a non-this is how you do it, to what
    are the pieces *available*).
    ** For example, some may never support Areafix/Tic/Modem/etc.

    FTCTE - Testing Environments
    * Overview of what do testing environments offer to Developers and Sysops?
    * List of Test Environments (maybe a Flag in the Nodelist?)
    * How to setup your system to test (a) Mailer, (b) Tosser, (c) AreaMgr, (d), etc.


    My personal "biggest challenge" is revamping things that I used to know - is where is it? Even applying a little google-fu on my searches to find pieces end
    up being futile. Now, I have recently (past 6 months) have found Fred Riccio (actually found me), I now have a very FTSC knowledgable resource that I can ask - what document explains MSGID? And I get back a list of a couple, and even
    examples of how he does it. (I am sure Mark Lewis and others could be as valuable - however, I do not know them well enough to feel okay to ask some of the *DUMB* questions I know I have asked Fred or Nick Andre or even Joaquim). So - I think having a RoadMap document - or restructuring the documents to be a
    road map on their own would be a great improvement - maybe by 2020 we could even roll it out ;-)

    Oh, and the other reason is I spent time implementing FTSC-0001 to findout, Frodo, Intermail, d'Bridge no longer support it. (pissed me off, but, with JoHo's feedback I knew how much to scrap and what to keep fo Wazoo/Yoohoo2U2, EMSI etc).


    PS. Is this just something I should do on my own and put on my "Fidonet Support" site??

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  • From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Ozz Nixon on Thursday, February 07, 2019 16:39:28
    Hello Ozz.

    07 Feb 19 17:11, you wrote to All:

    Amongst Friends Query (first)...

    I think you meant to put that in FTSC_PUBLIC, not in here.


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  • From Ozz Nixon@1:275/362 to Sean Dennis on Friday, February 08, 2019 10:48:53
    Hello Sean.

    07 Feb 19 18:39, you wrote to me:

    Hello Ozz.

    Amongst Friends Query (first)...

    I think you meant to put that in FTSC_PUBLIC, not in here.

    Actually no... I wanted to ask those in this echo first - get a "feel" for how it may go over to improve the FTSC document structure. I have already been forwarned of what we cannot do, are not expected to do, etc. Unfortunately, they have nominated a ADHD, OCD, KMA, DIMY person to be part of the committee.

    I like structure. I like ease of use. I hate waiting my time because someone
    lacked the foresight in having a better structure... and while my structure may not prove to be perfect - the idea and concept is needed. So, I asked here.


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  • From Carol Shenkenberger@1:275/100 to Ozz Nixon on Saturday, February 09, 2019 18:49:57
    Re: Amongst Friends Query (first)...
    By: Ozz Nixon to All on Thu Feb 07 2019 05:11 pm

    Amongst Friends Query (first)...


    We need a roadmap but so far, it has not worked well to rename documents. There was a FAQ series that tied some together, but they went away (no vote, just deleted and found out years later).

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