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    From Conrad J. Koehler@2:292/854.200 to Ron Kinney on Monday, December 24, 2018 23:32:23
    Hi Ron!

    Sure thing!
    Vintage Explorer driver in Berlin here, taking good care of this rare
    (well, at
    least here) specimen

    Nice! Denver, CO here. I'm a huge car guy myself, but it being winter, the classic car has to stay indoors. :( I'm looking forward to it being summer again.

    Oh, which is your vintage car?

    What year is your explorer?

    That's a 1997 4.0 SOHC EU export model in red.
    The EU models are all 4.0, AT, electronic 4x4, with the Eddie Bauer fender extensions, half ride control (on the rear axle, to serve as an automatic headlamp beam height adjustment), half air conditioning (only front, because rear air conditioning would have been too unusual for Yurop), Bosch immobilizer
    and alarm, and changed lights and belt buckles without belt alarm, compass, power seats/windows, and in my case, the "Highclass" trim which includes leather seats and a glass sunroof.
    And, I have an LPG conversion, so I can drive propane/butane gas which costs roughly as much as gasoline in the US, so 2.5 times cheaper than gasoline here.

    Cheers! Merry Christmas! :-)

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  • From ED KOON@1:123/140 to RON KINNEY on Monday, January 07, 2019 16:58:26
    On Dec 14, 2018 08:26am, RON KINNEY wrote to ALL:

    Any car guys out there?

    Retired used car dealer (trust me) just hanging out in cyberspace :)

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