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    From Jimmy Anderson@1:396/45 to Kurt Weiske on Saturday, January 20, 2024 09:44:04
    Kurt Weiske wrote to All <=-

    a BCM (body control monitor) that sometimes gets moisture. Replacements are around $100 to $150 online, so it could be worse. First thing will
    be to dry the existing box out, check for corrosion and water

    Overall, it's been a great car. I bought it for $1000 under blue book,
    and it's fun to drive. It seats 7 people nicely, and with the seats
    folded it's an awesome furniture hauler. I put Cooper Endeavour M/S
    tires on it, and it handles like a dream in the snow. at 140K miles and
    12 years old, I'm expecting some things to go wrong.

    Yep - that's part of owning older things that we maintain ourselves!

    I'm just now back to reading after a hiatus, so you may have answered
    this, but I'm curious what was the solution?

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