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    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 11:18:00
    I've got a 2014 Prius plug-in with 146K miles; it's been a great car.
    The multimedia/bluetooth/MP3/apps have been great, my office had
    free charging and I've got an 80-mile round-trip commute.

    From 2014-2019 I was able to use the California carpool lanes, which
    was a huge time saver.

    Now, I'm working from home, the new office space we've moved into
    doesn't offer charging, and I'm worried about brakes and hybrid
    batteries needing replacement soon.

    I bought my wife a 2011 Mazda CX-9 with low miles, and we love it -
    great handling, and loads of room.

    We need to sell a car to repay our savings account after buying the
    Mazda, and I'm thinking about selling the Prius and taking her 2014
    Subaru Crosstrek. It's a step back, convenience-wise as it's got the
    base stereo with no display. It'll play MP3s but you have to sort
    through the folders one by one using arrow keys.

    Her car only had 116K miles, and just got brakes and tires.

    I suppose I'll trade 50+ MPG for 30 and not worry about $1500-$3000 in replacement batteries and another $500+ in brakes.

    Subarus have almost as rabid a fan base as Priuses, I think I'll fit
    right at home.

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