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    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to Daryl Stout on Saturday, August 27, 2022 20:34:58
    Hi Daryl,

    --- OpenXP 5.0.51 * Origin: A cats worst enemy is a closed door.

    I absolutely love that quote. It is so true!

    Boy is it true :) My cat keeps an eye on my closet door just so she
    can get in there and play with all my stuff! She really tries to make
    a beeline for it sometimes!

    I've seen several memes with cats on Facebook, such as:

    1) The origin of Scarface. A guy is holding the cat on his lap, giving
    kitty a contented belly rub and pet, and the cat is contentedly purring.
    But, lurking behind the couch, is a mischievious kid with a paper bag,
    ready to be popped.

    2) The kitty is in bed, looking contented, then dismayed. It first said
    "Ah! Finally in Bed!!", then laments "I Have To Pee!!".

    3) The cat laughing, saying "I farted, and the dog got blamed for it!!".

    How silly :)

    There are several others, but they escape me right now. And, the tagline below is appropriate. <G>

    ... Dogs come when you call. Cats have answering machines.


    Take care,

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