• Two weeks left to register for GORF Melbourne

    From Melody Ayres-Griffiths@3:770/3 to All on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 19:26:28
    Hi Everyone, Just a reminder there's only two weeks left to register for GORF!

    GORF (The Great Oz Retro-Fest or Gathering of Retro-Fanatics) is a multi-day event celebrating the enduring resilience of the personal computing platforms of the 1970s, 80s and 90s including the Apple ][, Commodore 64, Atari, Sinclair
    and other 8- and 16-
    bit computer lines, as well as computerised entertainment hardware from that era such as video-game consoles and arcade cabinets

    Modelled on the US KansasFest and Australian OzKFest events, GORF is an immersive experience where attendees stay at the venue, hacking and talking into the wee hours with other participants, or sleeping if that is preferred. GORF 2019 is going to be
    held at Urban Camp, Royal Park, Melbourne, a facility that has camp-style accomodation.

    I've been organising some Skype calls for GORF to go along with our two keynotes (the Microbee's Owen Hill and retro-gaming researcher Dr Melanie Slalwell) and assorted attendee presentations; so far we have:

    Atari 2600 game designer and Imagic co-founder Rob Fulop
    Commodore 64 music composer Jeroen Tel
    Softdisk and Commander Keen developer Lane Roathe
    Disk-cracker extraordinaire qkumba and
    Applesauce hardware developer John Morris

    Some of the attendee presentations proposed so far include sessions about the ZX Spectrum, Apple II and Commodore 64

    For more information or to register, visit https://gorf.org.au

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