• Next FCUG meeting - Sunday, May 5

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    Happy May Day, C= and Ami aficionados!

    The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 2:00+ p.m., Sunday, May 5, at

    Panera Bread Restaurant
    3590 W Shaw Ave. (corner of W. Shaw Ave. and Marty Ave.)
    Fresno, CA 93711
    (559) 271-0104

    Note the date for our meeting! We had to move it due to member conflicts for all the other weekends.

    Note our meeting location! We met at Panera Bread last month, and I talked to those behind counter. They were smiling broadly and were very enthusiastic about our club being there, saying that we were no problem at all and that we had not even been
    noticed until later. As with last month's meeting, we'll be in the back or maybe even in the covered patio!

    For this month, we'll discuss last weekend's Commodore L.A. Super Show and the upcoming Bay Area Maker Faire and the Pacific Commodore Expo NW. At CLASS I had several computers go down. :/ So, I will be counting on v.p. Roger to bring in a VIC-20, and
    I'll bring in Ultimate 64 and Amiga 600 (the Plus/4 is toast right now).

    In software we'll look at the latest VIC-20 and C64 software releases, including the infamous Super Mario 64 which had several download sites shut down by Nintendo. For the A600, we'll have more public domain disks, courtesy of The Other Group of

    Robert Bernardo
    Fresno Commodore User Group - http://www.dickestel.com/fcug.htm

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