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    Hello, and IIRC there was a C-64 color printer that used 4 ballpoint
    pens. Don't know what commercially-available apps might have been available that would use it, though. Sincerely,

    Yes, I have the Radio Shack version of it (several printers used the same ALPS mechanism - including my TRS-80 PC-2).

    They weren't ball point, but rather stiff markers and it was closer to a printer/plotter than the color printers that we know today. They are really nice for printing some text and doing plotting-style drawing, but aren't very good at making nice, full color printers.

    But they would have worked out well with Print Shop. But, again, I don't believe that something like that was commonly used by the C-64 users and, so, Broderbund wouldn't have seen much market for a color Print Shop.

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