• Next SCCAN meeting - Saturday, March 9

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    Happy Fat Tuesday, C= and Ami comrades!

    The next meeting of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network is Saturday, March 9, from 2 to 5+ p.m. at

    Panera Bread Restaurant
    19662 Nordhoff Street
    Northridge, California
    (818) 407-9400

    This will be our meeting before the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) in Chatsworth, and talk will center around getting everything organized. Especially if you are going to exhibit or speak at CLASS, this is the meeting to
    attend! If you haven't visited the CLASS website yet, it is at


    Everybody is invited to CLASS; spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

    Member Sev will bring in his Pi1541; it'll be great to hear how he got it set up. Though it gave problems at the last Fresno Commodore User Group meeting, my Ultimate 64 will return, this time in a different case. Of course,
    the Plus/4, SX-64, and
    VIC-20 will be at the ready, too. On the Amiga side, the A600 returns, this time with a Chip RAM expander from AmigaKit.com

    I will see hardware repair tech Ray Carlsen around March 23; if you have any 8-bit Commodore items for him to repair, give them to me, and I will deliver them to him.

    As always, bring in any Commodore/Amiga hardware and/or software you wish to share!

    Speaking for SCCAN,
    Robert Bernardo
    Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network - http://www.portcommodore.com/sccan

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