• Wheels code (GEOS upgrade)

    From Terry Raymond@3:770/3 to All on Wednesday, July 01, 2020 15:58:20
    Hi is there anyone here that understands Wheels code?

    I have a current routine Im trying to make sense of it taps into the
    App codespace (used for the actual APP memory), this is currently used for a memory buffer. I have a way to use any REU's which Wheels was designed to recognize any REU's and also: Super CPU Ram and the Ramlink DACC.
    This would be a much larger buffer for my app.

    Any assistance would be appreiciated, only I need to trust whomever helps will not pass this code on, I will only send the area where the buffer is located anyway.
    We would need to connect via email so I could send the actual code.

    This app has been in the making for 6 whole years I wish to get this app finished.

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