• Super CPU problem (not heat related)

    From Terry Raymond@3:770/3 to All on Wednesday, July 08, 2020 14:50:20
    Hi all,

    During my work with making the CGSC Sid collection more useable, mainly with most of the Sid music files I ran into a small problem that involves the
    CMD Super CPU. This doesnt seem to be a cooling problem.

    This problem first occured on my C64C,
    Had my V1 Super CPU plugged in (the Ramcard is broken) I use it for the speed and Jiffy Dos mainly.

    I used my UIEC2SD set at Device#8
    I used the Stereo Player V10.3. Using this with the above player you first have to disable FASTLOAD it isnt compatible with the UIEC2SD, save that configuration and then its ready to load Sid files.

    So after the computer had been on for about 4 hours I went to load a Sid file to test but it wouldnt load, and the activity light on the UIEC2SD would not come on, but the computer didnt lockup.

    I powered down, removed the Super CPU, tried again and then the Sid files would load just fine.

    I tried all this again on my NTSC 128DCR,
    V2 Super CPU with 16mb Ram
    Had this running for 4 hours it still then at that time wont load a Sid file.
    I remove the Super CPU and the Sid files load just fine.

    All I can come up with is maybe the StereoPlayer must have some compatibility problem with the Super CPU, or maybe it is a heat issue.

    BTW my V2 Super CPU I found a way to mount a small CPU cooling fan in the side of the main case, it works really well. I also tested this to see if the Ram would stay cool enough so there were no lockups, this has worked very well for quite a few

    Oh I even tried a different drive but the Sid files still wouldnt load up
    again still on for 4 hours, so its not the UIEC2SD either.

    So yeah swapping the SCPU out proves the Super CPU is causing the Stereo Player not to load any files, again the drive light wont even come on but the computer isnt locked up.

    The Stereo Player though is coded with ML so is there anyway to issue any poke statements in basic to possibly optimize the Super CPU with the Stereo Player?
    I wonder if that is the cause?

    I would appreciate any suggesions or possible cures.

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