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    On Thursday, 16 January 2003 15:43:03 UTC+1, S wrote:
    Did anyone else ever feel that many of the games on the Commodore 64
    were "unbeatable"? For example, my younger brother and I used to love "Gemstone Warrior" - but no matter how hard we tried, could NEVER win
    it! We would always get caught by the "eye" in the game. It just
    seemed impossible. Another (Better) example was Maniac Mansion- one of
    my favorite games of all time. I KNOW how to win it. I HAD everyone
    in place. I even had a DOCUMENT years later, explicitly telling you
    HOW to win, but no matter what, I COULD NOT WIN IT! (Those who know
    the game will understand - ie: try to fix wires, need to shut off
    house current, can't fix wires in dark so use flashlight which would convienently not work at that moment.)
    Anyone know of any other games like this?

    Sorry for necroposting, I thought I`ll mention this, though.
    I used to play the c64 a LOT, and maniac mansion was one of my favourites.
    The reason you didn't make it was the flashlight batteries (and a lack of proper walkthrough i guess?).
    Yeah, the flashlight passes out as soon as you actually needed it (assuming you
    used the old batteries from the fridge). To circumvent this, you need to do this before you try to fix electricity:

    1. Choose a kid who used the Hunk-O-Matic in Ted's room and make him go outside
    the house. Pick up the left bushes if you haven't already. Thanks to the Hunk-O-Matic, you are now strong enough to open the grating. Open it, go inside
    and go right.
    2. Keep going right until you reach the water valve. This controls the water level of the swimming pool, and allows you to drain it. Be careful however, because the pool serves as a cooling device for Dr.Fred's nuclear reactor, so you can only keep it
    drained for a short time or the reactor will overheat and the house will explode. Before you touch anything, make sure you don't have a kid in the cellar, because Purple Tentacle will go there and, if he sees anyone, he will send them to the dungeon.
    3. Position another kid in front of the swimming pool. Switch back to the kid in front of the water valve and turn it on. Switch to the kid near the swimming
    pool and it will be drained. Go down. Pick up the glowing key as well as the radio. Now quickly
    go back up. Make sure your kid is totally out of the pool and not even on the ladder anymore, then switch again to the kid in front of the water valve and turn it off. The pool will refill and you can leave.
    4. Open the radio to find fresh batteries. Use them in the flashlight. Now you've got a flashlight that will last as long as you need.

    If this doesn't work, you might have a bad copy.

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