• using StereoPlayer V10.3 with Super CPU issue

    From traymond160@gmail.com@3:770/3 to All on Friday, September 25, 2020 11:02:35
    Hi I have come across an issue with the Super CPU running the older

    I have come across an issue running on either a C64C or a 128DCR:

    Setup as follows:

    C64C or C128DCR(running in 64 mode)
    Using either a V1 SUPER CPU or V2 SUPER CPU
    Accessing Sid files etc using: UIEC2SD

    The computer can be on for at least 3 hours loading and playing SID music
    ( the CGSC SIDS) so then at least AT 3 hours then just the IEC serial port seems to lockup, then when I try to load a Sid file the drive wont even
    load anything.

    So then I did some hardware swapping:
    I removed my UIEC2SD and tried a floppy drive, same thing the IEC serial port just seems to hang (or something else).
    I plugged my IEC2SD back in, removed my Super CPU, tried loading a Sid file again, walla then any Sid files will then load okay.

    I tried this also on my 128DCR with the UIEC etc and the same
    IEC lockup occurs, again remove the Super CPU and then lockup dissapears.

    On my V2 C64 Super CPU I removed the main cover (years ago) and the
    cooling issue is easy. And NO I am very careful not to drop anything metal into the SCPU main board. :)
    My V2 SCPU I installed a small 486 Cooling fan into the main case, I mainly use this SCPU with my 128DCR's, I tapped into the 12V side of the power source to power the cooling fan, ( with the SCPU cover installed) and running the Wave Browser to really
    run the Super Ram hard, the Fan does spin faster and never did overheat..

    I dont think this is a cooling issue beause the computer doesnt lockup and the Super Ram doesnt lock the system up either.
    This only occurs after 3 to 4 hours of operation and then I cant
    load any Sid files, the IEC serial port seems to be locked up and the
    Disk drive wont even respond.

    Any suggestions of what this might be, any possible fixes?

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