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    I was contemplating of having my next pc upgrade to have a
    main 1TB SSD. Now, I am not sure what to think. :(

    It depends on the quality of the SSD and your usage. A SSD is a very different creature than a SD card. Huge difference. A SSD is
    designed for heavy R/W usage; a SD card not so much. I think you'd
    be fine with a quality brand-name SSD. I'm replacing the 500GB drive
    in this laptop with a 500GB SSD; no moving parts.

    SSDs use flash technololgy too, but this:

    https://danielmiessler.com/blog/the-difference-between-ssd-and-flash-hard-drive s/

    ...provided a confirmation that the SSD version of flash is "higher quality".

    Meanwhile, I copied as much as I could off the old SD card, and then I re-formatted it which seems to have revitalized it. The 4Gig card is good enough for temporary storage and transfer of video files until I am done watching them.

    I am also considering the possibility of replacing the 250gig hdd in my trusty T60 Thinkpad with a 500gig ssd and then "retiring" the laptop to be my music storage for FLAC or lossless files of my CD collection and for the offline storage of my growing playlists with Spotify.

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    Hello August.

    21 Sep 19 03:21, you wrote to me:

    ...provided a confirmation that the SSD version of flash is "higher quality".

    I'd hope so considering the cost however if you get the more expensive high capacity SD cards their quality is much better.


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