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    From Denis Mosko@1:124/5014 to All on Friday, January 06, 2023 10:38:29
    * The Bit Bucket (Portland, OR) Bulletin Board List (Long) *
    * (Full-time systems only -- see Part-time List for others) *
    * 01-AUG-93 Edition *
    * Maintained on DawgGone Disgusted at (503) 297-9145 *
    * Available for anonymous FTP from m2xenix.psg.com *

    Copyright (C) 1993 by Lisa Gronke. Permission is granted to any individual,
    BBS or organization to use, copy or redistribute this list provided that
    (1) this copyright notice is retained and (2) editions more than 30 days
    old are deleted from online BBS directories.

    This is the detailed listing (includes hardware, sysop, update information, etc.) of full time, local (Portland, Oregon) bulletin board and public access computer systems. If you notice any errors or if you know of a new BBS,
    please leave a message for Lisa Gronke on DawgGone Disgusted. Even better, leave it in the ANNOUNCE Echo on any Net 105 BBS that carries it. I can also
    be reached via FidoNet Mail to Lisa Gronke at 1:105/6 or Internet mail to lisa@m2xenix.psg.com.

    Part-time BBS (those without a dedicated phone line) have been moved to a separate list.

    All BBS on this list are local calls from central Portland and can be
    reached using PC Pursuit (ORPOR outdial) . This BBS list is available on
    many Portland BBS ... here are a few selected locations where I know prior validation is not required.

    DawgGone Disgusted (503) 297-9145 File Area #1 PDXBBS-L.TXT
    La Creme Miserable (503) 228-8587 File Area #1 PDXBBS-L.TXT
    PEGBoard (503) 239-4032 <I>nfo 13a-13c

    This listing is dedicated to Rick Bensene, former sysop of Bit Bucket
    BBS, who shaped my ideas of what a BBS should be, and who created this
    list, established its standard of quality, and maintained it from
    1982 to 1986 ... and to Randy Bush, who introduced me to FidoNet and
    offered the facilities of his BBS when I took my BBS offline.

    Lisa Gronke, BBS Editor
    DawgGone Disgusted BBS
    (503) 297-9145 [FidoNet 1:105/6] --------------------------------------------------------

    CHANGES: (>):
    01-AUG-93 New systems: The Universal Joint, Computer Junkies BBS,
    Crimson I.C.E., The Dragon's Cave, The Theory of Kaos,
    Spam Cafe, CCA, Dave's Kingdom, The Overlord's Realm,
    The Void - OS/2, Another LCS BBS
    Offline: 1st A.C.E., Deep Shade, Dan's BBS, Jefferson
    BBS, People's Choice, Junk Monkey, ComLink
    New BBS software: North Beacon
    15-JUL-93 Offline: Death's Dungeon & Lounge, Punisher's Hideout,
    The Snake Pit, The Love Connection, Dragon's Labyrinth,
    Nuclear Danger, The City of Refuge, MacUniverse
    New systems: Zeppelin, Winky's Place, Death's Door, Double
    Trouble BBS, Action Jackson's BBS, The Falcon's Nest
    The Last Chance BBS, The Blue Confabulation BBS, Barely
    Legal, GayNet BBS, Rebel Space, Gay Agenda Resistance,
    Mach Speed Computers
    New name, setup: Entropy Associates (was Paperback Jukebox)
    New name: Excalibur (was Cool World)
    New phone#: Big Larry's, Rose City BBS, PANUG BBS, Network 23
    Additional phones: Rose City BBS, Sadie's Swingshift,
    Eastside Data Services
    Fewer phones: Aloha Trade Center
    ZyXel modem: The Abomination
    HST Dual Standard modem: Computer Wizard
    V32bis modem: Hi Tech Tools, Robison Data Systems, AutoNet BBS
    V32 modem: MacStudio
    New BBS software: The Abomination, The Atarian
    New sysop, notes revised: 900 Support HelpNet
    FidoNet node#: Tiny Tim's Big Access
    30-JUN-93 Offline: Liberty Express, Omega Quadrant
    New systems: The Exchange Club BBS, Computer Club BBS,
    Trading Post BBS
    Now PART-TIME: Lawoosh BBS, Starship Heart of Gold BBS
    New name: The Funny Farm (was The Wild Side)
    New name, software: The Amusement Park (was Medical Education)
    15-JUN-93 Offline: EIT Online, Electronics Unlimited, Oops Master,
    Terminal Velocity, The UnderRealm, Velocity BBS
    New systems: Dead Beat Club, Gecco's Tropical Paradise,
    Noah's Kitchen, Our Board, Utopias BBS, Virtual Reality,
    ZepNet BBS, Cyber Space, Family Play Ground, Beaver
    Trading Post
    Additional phone#: Dragon's Den, QuarterFlash, Land of
    the Gypsy's
    2400 bps modem: Star Trek Board
    V32bis modem: PCs Made Easy BBS, Sanitarium BBS, Neverending
    WWIVnet node#: PCs Made Easy BBS
    FidoNet node#: The Road Kill Cafe, Event Horizons
    New BBS software: Forecast Midnight, Crushed Destiny, Road
    Kill Cafe
    New name: The BBS Connection (was Record Collectors)
    Notes revised: Missing Persons League
    20-MAY-93 Phone# corrected: Basement Micro's BBS (typo)
    Notes (hours): Matt's Mad House

    NEW SYSTEMS (*):
    Dead Beat Club
    Gecco's Tropical Paradise
    Noah's Kitchen
    Our Board
    Utopias BBS
    Virtual Reality
    ZepNet BBS (was PART-TIME)
    The Exchange Club BBS
    Computer Club BBS
    Trading Post BBS
    Family Play Ground
    Beaver Trading Post
    Project X
    Winky's Place
    Death's Door (returning)
    Double Trouble BBS
    Action Jackson's BBS
    Last Chance BBS (was PART-TIME)
    The Blue Confabulation BBS
    Barely Legal
    GayNet BBS (returning)
    Rebel Space
    Gay Agenda Resistance (was PART-TIME)
    Mach Speed Computers
    The Falcon's Nest
    The Universal Joint
    Computer Junkies BBS
    Crimson I.C.E.
    The Dragon's Cave
    The Theory of Kaos
    Spam Cafe
    Dave's Kingdom
    The Overlord's Realm
    The Void - OS/2
    Another LCS BBS

    Lawoosh BBS
    Starship Heart of Gold BBS

    EIT Online: Apparently offline, <ring, ring> for 4+ weeks
    Electronics Unlimited: Offline, telco disconnected
    Oops Master: Offline, telco disconnected
    Terminal Velocity: Offline for the summer (school bbs)
    The UnderRealm: Apparently offline, <ring, ring> for 4+ weeks
    Velocity BBS: Offline, telco disconnected
    Liberty BBS: Offline, telco disconnected
    Omega Quadrant: Offline, info from sysop
    Death's Dungeon & Lounge: Offline, info from sysop
    Punisher's Hideout: Offline, telco disconnected
    The Snake Pit: Offline, info from sysop
    The Love Connection: Offline, sysop has other priorities
    Dragon's Labyrinth: Offline, info from sysop
    Nuclear Danger: BBS offline (FidoNet Mailer Only)
    The City of Refuge: HD failure, expected back in a few weeks
    MacUniverse: Offline for the summer
    1st A.C.E.: Apparently offline, RNA for 4+ weeks
    Deep Shade: Going offline, info from sysop
    Dan's BBS: Offline, financial problems after their son's death
    Jefferson BBS: Apparently offline, RNA for 4+ weeks
    People's Choice: Apparently offline, RNA for 3 weeks
    Junk Monkey: Offline, info from sysop, may return
    ComLink: Offline, phone disconnected

    Down Home Funk: <ring, ring>, no other info
    PARIS: <ring, ring>, no other info --------------------------------------------------------
    High speed modems use incompatible protocols. HST indicates a USR
    Courier HST. PEP indicates a Telebit Trailblazer. H96 indicates a
    Hayes V 9600. CSP indicates a CompuCom SpeedModem. V32 and V32b indicate modems that support the full duplex CCITT V32 or V32bis protocols.

    Please note that FidoNet systems are not available to users during Zone
    Mail Hour (1 AM - 2 AM PST)

    1st Choice Communications/D'Bridge Support West (FidoNet 1:105/2,3)
    297-0279 (Node 1) 2400/[TPEP/V32b/V42b]
    297-0278 (Node 2) [16.8K HST/V32b/V42b]
    Runs: SynchroNet v1b r5 on 386/486 OS/2 LAN (Lan Server 3.0)
    Sysop: Tony Wagner
    Notes: Local HUB for PrideNet (PrideNet 156:3450/0,2,3)

    21-XXX (FidoNet 1:105/89)
    626-3094 (Line 1) 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    626-6074 (Line 2) 300/1200/2400/[V32/MNP] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v2.00.g1+ on IBM
    Sysop: Norman Levielle
    Notes: Subscription system ($15/2 mos to $35/year) for adults
    (18 or over) only.

    900 Support HelpNet (FidoNet 1:105/325)
    684-0931, 639-3597 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.55M on IBM
    Sysop: Jim Smith
    Notes: Subscription system ($25/2 mos; $99/year) operated by
    900 Support, Inc. in Lake Oswego for Novell Netware (tm)
    solutions and downloads.

    The Abomination (CircuitNET 503008) (FidoNet 1:105/34)
    288-5443 1200/2400/[19.2K ZYX/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Maximus 2.0 on 80286 system
    Sysop: Ben King & Lyz Gunn
    Notes: Specializes in mail, Science Fiction and Programming.
    Circuitnet conferences via a Spitfire door.

    Abort, Retry, or Fail?
    232-3057 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: "Styx"
    Notes: Specializes in political and RPG message bases and quality
    strategy games.

    Acacia BBS (FidoNet 1:105/36)
    637-6624 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs SuperBBS v1.17 on IBM
    Sysops: Ted & Catherine Rolle

    A.C.E. of America BBS (ACE-Net #1) (ICN-Net #1)
    285-4417 (multi-line) 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Carina II v2.5 on Atari 8-bit
    Sysop: "Shadow"
    Notes: Three (trunk hunted) phone lines on a homebrew MUX. Operated by
    Shadow Software as the support BBS for Carina II BBS software.

    * Action Jackson's BBS
    653-7769 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60S on 486DX/33
    Sysop: Jack Pyle

    The Adventurer's Inn BBS
    626-8953 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RATSoft ST v1.6k on Atari 1040STe
    Sysop: "The Innkeeper"

    The Aftermath (FidoNet 1:105/275)
    656-7934 1200/2400/[16.8 HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Remote Access v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: "The Unforgiven"

    agora (Uucp: agora) (RAINet
    293-1772 (multi-line, trunk hunted) See notes
    Runs: USL UNIX System V R4 V4 on 486DX/33
    Sysadmin: Alan Batie (batie@agora.rain.com)
    Notes: Fee based public access Unix system (no BBS). Nine public and
    5 private phones with a variety of modems. Basic rate is $6/month.
    Type 'apply' at the agora login: prompt to apply for a shell account.
    RAINet is a local TCP/IP network with access to the Internet.

    A.I.I.N. (Alien Intelligence Information Network) BBS
    526-1323 300/1200/2400/[14.4K HST/V32b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.55M on IBM
    Sysop: Russ Davis
    Notes: Dedicated to the A/E/C (Architectural/Engineering/Construction)
    community. Sponsored by W&H Pacific, Inc.

    Aloha Trade Center BBS
    591-0236 (ATC II) 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/344)
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11+ on 386/33
    Sysop: Dave Teters
    Notes: 100+ file areas including all of the IBM and Macintosh
    File Echos.

    Alpha Centauri BBS (EDAnet 100:101/2) (FidoNet 1:105/270)
    657-5298 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Ezycom V1.02 on 486/33
    Sysop: "Arioch" (Scott VanHoosen)
    Notes: Home of EDAnet (Role Playing Games). Member of the local RPGnet.

    The Alternative BBS
    761-3043 1200/2400/[14.4K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: BBBBS.baud v5.8a on Amiga 2000
    Sysop: Matt English

    The Amiga Connection BBX
    667-3800 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: BBX on Amiga
    Sysop: Aaron Morris

    The Amusement Park BBS (was Medical Education BBS) (FidoNet 1:105/35)
    256-7758 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: Jerry Donais
    Notes: A games board. No files.

    Ancient Darklands BBS (FidoNet 1:105/17)
    775-7980 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: QuickBBS v2.76 on IBM
    Sysop: "Scavenger" (Ben Lucas)
    Notes: Special interest in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and RPG.

    * Another LCS BBS
    624-5720 2400/[V32b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60S on IBM
    Sysop: Mike Liss

    Artesian Labs BBS
    625-7306 300/1200 bps
    Runs: Homebrew on Commodore 64
    Sysop: John Olsen

    Asgard BBS
    671-9372 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: CNet 2.63 on Amiga 2000
    Sysop: "Trebor"

    Atarian Multi-Line
    649-2438 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/10)
    649-4322 300/1200/2400/[16.8K HST/V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/20)
    Runs: RemoteAccess v2.00.g1+ on 80386 box
    Sysop: Mehdi Attaran

    Autonet BBS
    693-1140 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60M on IBM
    Sysop: Gary Fleenor
    Notes: Operated by the Fleet Administration Dept. of Roberts
    Dodge Inc. in Hillsboro. Automobile related. Direct purchasing,
    wholesale, user ads, used cars.

    A.W.O.L. BBS (FidoNet 1:105/280)
    657-5412 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.0 on 486/33
    Sysop: "Hacker" (Alan Lynch)

    Backwater Message System II
    230-1041 300/1200 bps
    Runs: Homebrew on Sanyo 555
    Sysop: Mike Day

    Banished CPU
    232-5783 (Line 1, trunk-hunted) 300/1200/2400/[V32] bps
    232-6566 (Line 2 & 3) 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b]
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.10+ on 80386 system
    Sysop: "Maynard"
    Notes: Banished CPU supports Freedom of Speech!

    Bare Bones BBS (FidoNet 1:105/360) (NetWork 8:77/14)
    591-5103 1200/2400/[HST/V32/V42] bps See Notes
    Runs: QuickBBS v2.75 on IBM
    Sysop: Dave Emory
    Notes: System may be offline using PC Pursuit on Mon, Wed, Fri evenings.
    Sysop will search around the country for requested programs/files.

    * Barely Legal
    289-0094 1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60S on IBM
    Sysop: "Rogue" (Robert Gray)

    Barristers' BBS (FidoNet 1:105/31)
    228-5866 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Maximus v2.0 on IBM
    Sysop: Rick Samuels

    Basement Micro's BBS
    626-1475 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60M on 386SX/25
    Sysop: Steven Johnson
    Notes: Focus on IBM-compatible hardware issues & tax matters. The
    sysop builds 386/486 systems and is a CPA.

    The BBS Connection (was Record Collectors) (CircuitNET 503004)
    288-0800 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.3 on IBM
    Sysop: Trisa Banks
    Notes: Offers three separate BBS from a frontend menu, Record
    Collectors BBS, Musician's Underground, and Organic Modem BBS.

    * Beaver Trading Post BBS
    257-8374 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: "Virtual Reality" (Jason Isbell)

    Bentfender BBS
    254-8823 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Color 64 on Commodore 64
    Sysop: "Bentfender"

    Benjamin's UBBS
    255-9657 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: UBBS v2.1b on Atari ST
    Sysop: "Bravo Sierra"

    Big Bob's BBS (FidoNet 1:105/94)
    286-2811 1200/2400/[16.8K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11+ on IBM
    Sysop: Bob Moffatt

    Big Larry's (FidoNet 1:105/72)
    291-9815 300/1200/2400/[14.4K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Ezycom V1.02 on 80386 system
    Sysop: Larry James
    Notes: Subscription system [$30 to $50 per year]. Big Larry's is
    the Portland host for most of the filebone file echos [SDS, SDN,
    WINNet, etc.]

    The Bitter Butter Better BBS (FidoNet 1:105/290)
    620-0307 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11+ on 80486/33
    Sysop: Tom Almy
    Notes: Specializes in text files of various sorts -- electronic
    magazines/newsletters, literature and reference works, text

    * The Blue Confabulation BBS
    771-5466 (multi-line) 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: The Major BBS (Galacticomm) 6.11 on 486DX/66
    Sysops: "Smurf" and "Dr Who"
    Notes: CHAT BBS with six (trunk hunted) public lines and one private
    line. Semi-adult BBS (callers under 16 have limited access). This
    is the hardware and software that used to run Paperback Jukebox BBS.

    Blue Lake PCBoard (RIME node BLUELAKE)
    656-9790 (Node 1) 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/285)
    657-4719 (Node 2) 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/286)
    557-8477 (Node 3) 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: PC Board v15.0 on LANtastic LAN
    Sysop: Mark Adkins
    Notes: New users should call Node 1.

    761-7395 300/1200 bps
    Runs: Color-64 on C-128 (in 64 mode)
    Sysop: "Foghat

    Buchanan's Pub (WWIVnet @5322)
    629-5611 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: WWIV v4.21 on 80286 system
    Sysops: "Esquire" and "Gary Seven"
    Notes: Sysop is the WWIVnet Area Coordinator for AC 503 (Oregon).

    Busker's Boneyard (FidoNet 1:105/14) (Uucp: busker)
    771-4773 1200/2400/[PEP/V32] bps
    Runs: Maximus v2.01 on 80386 system
    Sysop: Hal Nevis (nev@busker.fidonet.org)
    Notes: This BBS is medically oriented and was created to serve the needs
    of the Kaiser-Permanente community.

    bucket (Uucp: bucket) (RAINet
    632-7891 300/1200/2400/[PEP] bps
    Runs: UTek 3.0 (4.2BSD Unix) on Tektronix 4132 workstation
    Sysadmin: Rick Bensene (rickb@pail.rain.com)
    Notes: Invited access Unix system (no BBS). Full newsfeed. For shell
    access, inquire via uucp mail. RAINet is an experimental, local
    TCP/IP network.

    A Byte of Aloha (FidoNet 1:105/331)
    591-7542 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on 80386 system
    Sysop: Michael Wagoner

    CAD-DAYS (FidoNet 1:105/322)
    645-6157 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: RBBS-PC v17.3B on IBM
    Sysop: Leon Hixon
    Notes: Specializes in CAD oriented files. No FidoNet features.

    Castle of the Gods (FidoNet 1:105/365)
    644-6314 (Line 1) 1200/2400 bps
    646-4386 (Line 2) 1200/2400/[V32] bps
    Runs: Ezycom V1.02 on IBM
    Sysop: "E-Man" (Ian Rochat)
    Notes: Features online games.

    Castle of the Gods ][ (WWIVnet @5328)
    644-2945 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: WWIV v4.22 on IBM
    Sysop: "E-Man"

    The Catacombs
    697-4403 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.01S on 80486 system
    Sysop: Carl Townsend

    The Catlin Gabel School BBS (FidoNet 1:105/29)
    292-7772 300/1200/2400/[V32] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: Lowell Herr
    Notes: Special interest in education (K12Net echos, IISME, Saturday
    Academy). The sysop teaches physics at Catlin.

    CBBS/NW (Uucp: darkstar)
    646-5510 or 284-5260 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: CBBS V - 1.0.0a beta pl1 on 80386 [386BSD (unix)
    Sysops: Jim Willing & Bill Marx (jimw, billm@darkstar.rain.com)
    Notes: Type 'bbs' (lower case, no quotes) at the login: prompt
    to access the BBS.

    * CCA
    762-4012 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Renegade 1.00 (07-17 Beta) on IBM
    Sysop: "Major Glitch"

    Central Point Software BBS
    690-6650 (32 lines) 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: The Major BBS (Galacticom) on 486/25
    Sysop: Sam Guidice
    Notes: Sponsored by Central Point Software in Beaverton, OR. Product
    support for Copy II Plus, PC Tools, Mac Tools, Anti-Virus, etc.

    Charlie & Jacks' Trading Post (FidoNet 1:105/50)
    233-0087 1200/2400/[HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Maximus/2 v2.01 (beta) on 80486 [OS/2]
    Sysop: Roger Bacon
    Notes: Special interest in CAD and OS/2.

    The Chess Board
    629-5473 (Node 1) 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] (FidoNet 1:105/367)
    629-8758 (Node 3) 1200/2400/[V32/V42b] (FidoNet 1:105/363)
    629-5750 (Nodes 2) 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs QuickBBS 2.76 on 486/25 system
    Sysop: Greg Maddox
    Notes: Three nodes with inter-node CHAT and multiplayer games. 150
    message areas including K12Net echos.

    CloudBase! (FidoNet 1:105/92)
    492-0527 1200/2400/[14.4K HST/V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.55M on IBM
    Sysop: Doug McClellan
    Notes: This BBS has been online for 2-1/2 years in Springfield/Eugene.
    The sysop recently moved to Portland.

    The Club, Portland BBS! (FidoNet 1:105/98)
    232-0332 300/1200/2400 bps
    238-5943 300/1200/2400/V32b/V42b] (FidoNet 1:105/98)
    Runs: Maximus v2.01 on IBM
    Sysop: "The Kid" (Gary Seid)

    The Cobra's Den
    760-0491 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Maximus v2.00 on 80286 system
    Sysop: Martin Creson

    Combat Arms BBS (FidoNet 1:105/68)
    221-1777 1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat v3.55M on IBM
    Sysop: Richard Bash
    Notes: Subscription system ($25 to $40 per year). Focus is on
    firearms, law, aviation and science. Formerly located in Castro
    Valley, CA.

    681-0543 (Node 1) 300/1200/2400/[14.4K HST] bps (FidoNet 1:105/314)
    640-0278 (Node 2) 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/317)
    Runs: Wildcat 3.55P on IBM
    Sysop: Mike Jordan
    Notes: Focus on programming (particularly programming doorware games).
    Imports 14 BASNet and 8 SourceNet conferences [POSTLINK type networks]
    plus 4 Wildcat related echos direct from MSI.

    * The Computer Club BBS
    636-2518 300/1200/2400/[V32] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.90S on IBM
    Sysop: Dave Pancoast

    * Computer Junkies BBS (HellNet @501)
    693-7303 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.10 on IBM
    Sysop: "Rott" (Daniel Martin)

    The Computer Room (CircuitNET 503010) (FidoNet 1:105/252)
    635-3712 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.3 on IBM
    Sysop: Carl Montante

    Computer Time Online
    682-1619 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat v3.60M on IBM
    Sysop: Bud Russell
    Notes: Host BBS for Rose City Astronomers (some message areas are
    available to all). Also running a BBS for The Meter Shop and CTO Cycles.
    Files (including a collection of G-rated GIFs) and online games.
    Subscription fee.

    Computer Wizard BBS (FidoNet 1:105/57)
    256-2574 300/1200/2400/[16.8K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v2.00.g1+ on 386SX
    Sysop: Vladimir Bratkov
    Notes: Online games, message bases, file areas

    Creative Multimedia Corporation's BBS
    241-1573 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: TBBS on IBM
    Sysop: David Bleckmann
    Notes: CMC manufactures and distributes educational and
    reference type CD-ROM disks.

    * Crimson I.C.E.
    591-7701 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.90S on 386DX/25
    Sysop: "Crimson Knight"

    Crushed Destiny (aka The Freak Scene)
    648-8074 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42] bps
    Runs: WWIV v4.22 on IBM
    Sysop: "Our Lord Jesus Christ"
    Notes: Crushed Destiny III and Freak Scene have "merged" (sort of).
    The BBS at this phone number is now running WWIV software (was
    running Virtual BBS) and (I assume) will be closely networked
    with the Freak Scene at 223-4504.

    CryoCafe (Uucp: cryo)
    257-4823 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: BBX on Amiga 2000
    Sysop: William J. Coldwell (root@cryo.rain.com)

    The Cuckoo's Egg (Uucp: cuckoo)
    777-4931 300/1200/2400/[HST/V32] bps
    Runs: Waffle v1.65 on 486/25
    Sysops: Tom Glover & Mike Razmussen (tomg, mikeraz@cuckoo.egg.com)
    Notes: Uucp mail and about 100 usenet newsgroups for subscribers.
    File section for non-subscribers.

    * Cyber Space
    654-4645 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.2 on IBM
    Sysop: Scott Johnson

    CyBorg Systems (FidoNet 1:105/341)
    626-8071 300/1200/2400/[14.4K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: QuickBBS V2.80 (Gamma-1) on 386SX system
    Sysop: Terry Pinto
    Notes: File oriented BBS. Minimal message areas.

    Daring BBS
    235-2120 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.55P on IBM
    Sysop: Ken Cheung
    Notes: Operated by Daring Desktop, 811 E. Burnside, Portland, for
    customer support. Store phone is 235-9489.

    Dave's Free for All (FidoNet 1:105/86)
    761-6432 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Opus v1.73a on 486DX/33
    Sysop: Dave Schooler
    Notes: Macintosh message and file areas.

    * Dave's Kingdom (FidoNet 1:105/235)
    650-5022 2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.90M on 486/33
    Sysop: Dave Stults
    Notes: Aviation/Military theme

    DawgGone Disgusted (FidoNet 1:105/6) (Uucp: dawggon)
    297-9145 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Fido v12t on 80286 system
    Sysop: Randy Bush (randy@dawggon.fidonet.org)
    Notes: DawgGone is Net Host for FidoNet NET 105 (VanPort Net).

    * The Dead Beat Club (InfiNet @1) (WWIVnet @5335
    233-9168 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: WWIV v4.22 on XT clone
    Sysop: "Null & Void"
    Notes: Home of InfiNet (a WWIV technology network). The BBS has
    been operating in Long Beach, CA, since the summer of 1991.

    Death Lord's Realm (FidoNet 1:105/91)
    297-2911 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: "Death Lord" (Trevor Macy)

    * Death's Door (WWIVNet @5337) (InfiNet @502)
    624-5677 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: WWIV v4.22 on 286/12
    Sysop: "Blackjack"
    Notes: Running in Portland for the summer. The sysop returns to UO
    in Eugene in September.

    Detox BBS (FidoNet 1:105/63)
    335-8933 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: QuickBBS v2.75 on 386DX/40
    Sysop: Cravin Morehead
    Notes: Specializes in Windows software and adult GIFs.

    The Digital Amateur (FidoNet 1:105/380) (Uucp: jaiser)
    359-5111 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: [see notes] on 386/25
    Sysop: Jerry Gaiser (jerryg@jaiser.rain.com)
    Notes: Choice of two separate BBS at login. One runs Maximus and
    is a typical FidoNet BBS focusing on Amateur radio. The other
    runs Waffle v1.65 and offers uucp mail and a small number of
    usenet newsgroups.

    Digital Interface Software Support BBS
    624-7904 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat v3.60S on IBM
    Sysop: "Digital Mouse" (Karl Stober)

    Disk Jockey Online
    636-4947 (multi-line) 300/1200/2400 bps
    697-4304 1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: Major BBS (Galacticomm) v6.02a on 80386 LAN
    Sysop: Mike Gottlieb
    Notes: Supports IBM, Amiga & Macintosh. Three phone lines, trunk hunted.
    Call the main number unless you have a 9600 bps modem.

    DJO-Net (FidoNet 1:105/215)
    697-4302 300/1200/2400/[HST] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on 386/25 LAN
    Sysop: Mike Gottlieb
    Notes: Messages, games. No file areas. Also see Disk Jockey Online.

    * Double Trouble BBS (FidoNet 1:105/1008)
    255-3682 1200/2400/[9600 HST] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: Michael Hartel

    ? Down Home Funk BBS, Inc.
    774-7330 (multi-line) 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: DLX on 386DX
    Sysop: "The Registrar"
    Notes: Subscription Multi-line Family (age 13+) CHAT system.
    Non subscribers have limited privileges. Databases, file libraries,
    contests, games, Trivia (Live), matchmaking, message bases.

    Dragonmaster Support BBS
    648-5541 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: MegaHost 2.02b on IBM
    Sysop: Leroy Lembke

    * The Dragon's Cave
    632-8057 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Renegade 1.00 (07-17 Beta) on IBM
    Sysop: "Obsidian Dragon"

    Dragon's Den BBS
    492-1685 (Node 1) 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    669-1684 (Node 2) 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Renegade 1.00 (07-17 Beta) on 486/33
    Sysop: "Rajack"

    Druid's Keep (EDAnet 100:101/102)
    520-9763 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs:" Wildcat 3.60M on IBM
    Sysop: "Dark Elf"

    Eastside Data Services BBS
    761-3003 1200/2400/[19.2K ZYX/V32b/V42b] bps (FidoNet 1:105/61)
    760-4521 1200 bps (FidoNet 1:105/16)
    Runs: Maximus v2.01 on IBM
    Sysop: Jim Montgomery
    Notes: Regional Coordinator for ZyXELNet (18:22/0)

    ECCO COM Virtual BBS (VirtualNET @5236) (FidoNet 1:105/21)
    775-6099 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.0 on IBM
    Sysop: Marv McCleary
    Notes: Open to callers at least 18 years old. Subscription
    system ($25/year). Also WWIVnet @5329, SportsNET @2.

    Electric Windows (FidoNet 1:105/303)
    645-4623 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b]
    Runs: Maximus v2.00 on IBM
    Sysop: Bob Hay
    Notes: Special interest in Windows and the C programming language.
    Bob Hay is the moderator of PDX.PROG and co-moderator of PNW.OUTDOORS.

    Electronic Publishers BBS (FidoNet 1:105/355)
    624-4966 (multi-line) 300/1200/2400/[CSP/V32/V42] (FidoNet 1:105/355)
    Runs: TBBS v2.2M on IBM
    Sysop: Brian Cash
    Notes: Subscription system ($35/year with free trial period) featuring
    USA Today, Sports Network, stock reports, multi-player games, PC-SIG
    library. Hosts "Computer Bits: The Online Edition" [free access] with
    selected sections from Computer Bits magazine. ANSI is necessary. Five
    phone lines (trunk hunted) with a variety of modems.

    Electronic T.L.C.
    232-4089 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.55S on 80386
    Sysops: Hal & Noni Schnedler
    Notes: A Christian BBS sponsored by the "Tender Loving Care" group
    from New Hope Community Church in Portland.

    Elvira's Pinnacle Club
    286-5577 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Sapphire 4.05A on 80386 system
    Sysop: Elvira

    232-6213 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60S on 386SX
    Sysop: Ken Barratt
    Notes: Features Doors, Scrabble and celebrity GIFs

    Entropy Associates (was Paperback Jukebox) (FidoNet 1:105/257)
    636-9931 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    Runs: Renegade 1.00 (07-25 Beta) on 80286 system
    Sysop: "Aristobrat" (Jason Thorn)
    Notes: The multi-line Galacticomm software that ran Paperback
    Jukebox was sold and is now running a new BBS named The Blue
    Confabulation at 771-5466.

    EpiscoBoard (Uucp: episco)
    640-4467 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: BBS-PC v4.20 on IBM PC/XT
    Sysop: Tim Hoyt (...!agora!episco!timo)
    Notes: Special interest in Amiga and Commodore 128. Also serves the
    needs of Episcopal Church co-workers.

    Et Cetera BBS (FidoNet 1:105/405)
    663-1459 300/1200/2400/[14.4K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11+ on 80386 system
    Sysop: Don Zirk
    Notes: Special interest in education & educational files. K12Net node.

    ET SCRIBE/PPCUG (FidoNet 1:105/201)
    625-7752 (Line 1) 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42b] bps
    625-2421 (Line 2) 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Remote Access v1.11 on IBM
    Sysops: Byron Windhorst & Dennis Newton
    Notes: Official BBS of the Portland PC User Group.

    Event Horizons (FidoNet 1:105/242)
    697-5100 (multi-line) 1200/2400 bps
    697-5126 1200/2400/[HST/V32b/V42b]] bps
    Runs: TBBS v2.2m on 80486 system
    Sysop: Jim Maxey
    Notes: This is a commercial service ($12/hour; 9600 bps $48/hour)
    specializing in digitized graphics. 64-line TBBS with trunk hunting.
    1-800-466-6336 access for LD callers for an additional $8/hour.
    Voice phone is 697-7700 (9 AM - 9 PM).

    Excalibur (was Cool World) (FidoNet 1:105/80)
    232-1948 (multi-line) 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Exycom V1.02 on IBM 486 PS/1
    Sysop: Mark Copeland
    Notes: Second node [part-time, 2400 bps] available to regular users.
    EDANet 100:101/201. CyberNet 600:601/100.

    * The Exchange Club BBS (FidoNet 1:105/269)
    659-4603 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.90S on IBM
    Sysop: John Hieb

    231-8841 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Excelsior BBS v0.977 on Amiga 500
    Sysop: "Maxfield"

    Extreme Books BBS
    288-3960 300/1200/2400/[ZYX/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: NovaLink Pro 3.0 on Macintosh
    Sysop: Mitzi Walsh

    Extreme Dreames
    775-0374 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60M on IBM
    Sysop: "Thing One"
    Notes: Sez it is "Portland's Premier All Text and Occult BBS."

    The Fading Abyss (was Sorrow's End BBS)
    760-0573 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Color 64 on Commodore 64
    Sysop: "System Sysop"

    * The Falcon's Nest (VirtualNET @1503020) (FidoNet 1:105/1007)
    285-0625 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.10 on IBM
    Sysop: "Falcon" (Steven Ziuchkovski)
    Notes: Features online games

    * The Family Play Ground
    255-6394 (multi-line) 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.2 on IBM
    Sysop: Curt Alexenko
    Notes: Multi-line CHAT BBS for children, teens and adults. Currently
    operating three phone lines with trunk hunting. Subscription system
    with 7 day free trial period. Non-subscribers have limited privileges.

    Fly By Night BBS
    245-6156 2400/[16.8K HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: DLG Professional v0.999 on Amiga 500
    Sysop: "Nightmare" (Richard Muller)

    The Flying Party BBS
    492-4602 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Falcon CBCS v1.00u on Amiga
    Sysop: "Zaphod" (Cal Dixon)

    Forecast Midnight
    669-3738 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.00 on 386SX/25
    Sysop: "Sonic the Hedgehog" (David Satterlund)

    Forsberg's PRO-YAM (see TeleGodzilla)

    Freak Scene (WWIVnet @5305)
    223-4504 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: WWIV v4.22 on 80386 system
    Sysop: "Morphia"
    Notes: Lots of GIFs and music related files.

    The Funny Farm (was The Wild Side) (CircuitNET 503005) (FidoNet 1:105/250)
    697-0845 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.3 on IBM
    Sysop: Mingh Luong
    Notes: Two separate BBS available from Option. The Funny Farm is a
    traditional BBS for all ages. Red Light District (was Sudden Urges)
    [AdultLinks 69:2901/45] is a private BBS for adults (over 18).

    The Garden Pond (FidoNet 1:105/52)
    735-3074 1200/2400/[16.8K HST/V32b] bps
    Runs: Maximus 2.01 (beta) on 486/33
    Sysop: Jack Honeycutt
    Notes: Special interest in aquatic plants, botany, gardening
    and herpetology.

    Gates of Creation
    288-1386 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: C-Base v3.0 on Commodore 64
    Sysop: "The J-Man" (Jory Earl)
    Notes: ANSI screens and menus.

    * Gay Agenda Resistance
    292-3305 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.2 on 386SX/16
    Sysop: "Metal"
    Notes: This system is a political action BBS which deals with
    gay rights, abortion and similar issues from a conservative

    * GayNet BBS (FidoNet 1:105/76) (PrideNet 156:3450/12)
    295-0877 300/1200/2400/[V32] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v2.00.g1+ on IBM
    Sysop: Michael Hile
    Notes: Mainly messages (local, FidoNet, PrideNet echomail).
    Purpose of the BBS is to help connect the gay community for
    open and free exchange of information and resources.

    * Gecco's Tropical Paradise (FidoNet 1:105/353)
    645-8845 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Renegade 1.00 (07-17 Beta) on IBM
    Sysop: "Gecco"

    The Golden Dragon BBS (FidoNet 1:105/1001)
    284-8362 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: Ted York

    The Graphic Connection (FidoNet 1:105/369)
    591-8412 (multi-line) 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: TBBS on IBM
    Sysops: Brant Katkansky and others
    Notes: A commercial BBS specializing in CAD, animation, DTP,
    rendering, material/texture files, and multi-media. Operated
    by Vertech Design in Beaverton. Voice phone 591-0134.

    The Halls of Antoki
    699-9532 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on 486DX/25
    Sysop: "Beowulf" (Trev Harmon)

    Hal's Haven BBS (FidoNet 1:105/88)
    297-8528 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11+ on IBM
    Sysop: Hal Davis

    HARDWARE WARS! (FidoNet 1:105/327)
    646-4853 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: RBBS-PC v17.3B on 80386 system
    Sysop: Mark Letni
    Notes: Simtel 20 library on CD-ROM

    The Heartbeat of Portland
    236-4945 (multi-line) 300/1200/2400 [MNP] bps
    236-0074 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: DLX on 486/33 system
    Sysop: "CUDA"
    Notes: Adult chat BBS with 25 phone lines. GIF library, general
    purpose and sexually oriented message areas, frequent parties and
    gatherings. Limited to callers 21 and over. Subscription system
    ($20/3 or $35/6 mos) with free trial period. Voice 239-4510.

    Heath/Zenith BBS (FidoNet 1:105/26)
    282-0154 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Opus v1.03b on Zenith (IBM compatible)
    Sysop: David Moeser
    Notes: Special interest in H/Z computers, particularly the Z-100
    and H-89.

    Hell Raiser (FidoNet 1:105/305)
    693-9619 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess v1.11 on IBM
    Sysop: Mike Patriche

    Hide Away BBS (FidoNet 1:105/338)
    640-4321 2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Remote Access v2.00.g1+ on IBM
    Sysop: Wayne Stewart
    SEEN-BY: 124/5013 5014 5015 5017 5019 396/45
  • From Alan Ianson@1:153/757 to Denis Mosko on Friday, January 06, 2023 02:56:36
    * The Bit Bucket (Portland, OR) Bulletin Board List (Long) *
    * (Full-time systems only -- see Part-time List for others) *
    * 01-AUG-93 Edition *
    * Maintained on DawgGone Disgusted at (503) 297-9145 *
    * Available for anonymous FTP from m2xenix.psg.com * *****************************************************************

    Well that's a blast from the past!

    I don't know why you are posting a Portland area BBS list from 1993 (the hey days of the BBS) BBS list in 2023.

    While it is a "classic", it is useless today.

    --- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-6
    * Origin: The Rusty MailBox - Penticton, BC Canada (1:153/757)