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    From Access v2.00.g1+ on IBM Sysop: Br@1:153/757.1315 to nt Katkansky Note: Specializing i on Friday, January 06, 2023 05:00:53
    0/2400/[14.4 HST] bps
    Runs: RemoteAccess 1.11+ on 80286 system
    Sysops: Larry Coon & Patrick "Wally" Walsh
    Notes: Global Wars game is a prominent feature.

    Wandering Wolf's Den BBS (FidoNet 1:105/96)
    246-3684 300/1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: QuickBBS v2.75 on IBM
    Sysop: "Shadowtreader"
    Notes: Interest in RPG and SF/Fantasy. Member of the local
    RPGNet. FurNet echos.

    The Warzone (FidoNet 1:105/64)
    771-1850 1200/2400 bps
    Runs: QuickBBS v2.80 (Gamma-1) on IBM
    Sysop: Gramps Kiersarge
    Notes: Focus of the BBS is online [doorware] games.

    Welcome to Mexico (Sickonet @666)
    681-8021 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.0 on IBM
    Sysop: "Fook"

    Wilma Morgel's BBS (FidoNet 1:105/77)
    287-7091 300/1200/2400/[V32/V42]
    Runs: Synchronet V1b on 386/20
    Sysop: Wilma Morgel
    Notes: D'Bridge Support Site; specializes in D'Bridge *.MCF (modem
    configuration) files. The modem answering the phone may change
    without warning.

    * Winky's Place
    777-1549 1200/2400/[V32] bps
    Runs: Spitfire 3.3 on 486DX/33
    Sysop: Fritz Winkler

    The Wireless BBS (RFNet node) (RIME node)
    692-7097 1200/2400/[V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: PCBoard v14.5a/D on 80386 system
    Sysops: Conrad Harteloo & Diane Horen
    Notes: Special interest in HAM radio and short wave listening.
    Carries selected RIME conferences and is the Oregon Regional
    HUB for RFNet(tm).

    Wonder Works BBS (CircuitNET node 503002)
    287-9560 1200/2400/[HST/V32b/V42b] bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.3 on Acer1100-16
    Sysop: David Weyerman
    Notes: Oregon Host for CircuitNET

    Woodchuck's Treehouse
    649-8006 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Wildcat 3.60S on 386DX/40
    Sysop: Vaughn Lee
    Notes: Member of the Portland Gamer's Guild.

    * ZepNet BBS
    761-3367 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Spitfire v3.3 on IBM
    Sysop: "Bonzo-7" (Kevin Morse)
    Notes: Subscription system ($5/month minimum). Non-subscribers
    have limited privileges. Member of the Portland Gamer's Guild.

    * Zeppelin (VirtualNET @1503021) (PggNet 30:200/7) (FidoNet 1:105/1009)
    282-3404 300/1200/2400 bps
    Runs: Virtual BBS/NET 6.10 on IBM
    Sysop: "Mystery" (Ed Williams)

    --- WinPoint Beta 5 (359.1)
    * Origin: WinPoint (1:153/757.1315)