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    From Don Lowery@1:340/1000 to Jay Harris on Saturday, August 01, 2020 15:22:52
    My local theatre is back open & received an email saying all movies are only $5. I jumped on to see what was playing and was surprised by the line up.

    There's a lot of cities who would have Friday/Saturday night movies in the
    park for free or a small fee like this. Twin Falls, ID would do this downtown at the city park about once or so a month years ago.

    I notice our local drive in also is playing some classics:

    They also used to have two drive-in's until they sold the land because it would've cost more to upgrade their projectors to digital format (especially just running them from May to October).

    I don't mind drive ins, but I wouldn't be able to make it through 2 whole movies let alone 3.

    Used to take my hatchback...fold down the rear seats & lay down in the back where I could stretch out. Would back up the car & watch out of the big back window. Plus...if you had "company"...didn't need a heater to keep the inside warm. Would take my own food/drinks & have a foam pad for comfort with
    sleeping bags. When I had an F-150...would take lawn chairs & such in the
    back. If it rained...always kept a tarp...so would stay warm.

    Loved the drive-in! Too bad the land is more valuable for condo's...rather
    than being a way to get out of the house...stay safe in the confines of your vehicle.

    BTW...ordered a 120 in 6x9 projection screen which just came in today. With
    my projector...no more glowing screen.

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