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    From Nil Alexandrov@2:5015/46 to All on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 19:06:16
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    Hello, All!

    I was kinda in a nostalgic mood recently when I posted my beer preferences to *enet.sysop* echo.

    We used to have Fidonet SysOp-drinking at public places gatherings pretty often back in 90th in Russia (aka R50). More precisely, there were actually two types of them, like SysOp-drinking (aka SysOp'ka) and point-drinking (aka point'ovka) which is the node (boss) and its points outing. If I were to compare the Fidonet potluck in Z1 to SysOp'ka in R50, they are similar in term of reasoning and way more different in implementation. Usually, those were IT young professionals in their 20th and early 30th. Lacking of a private backyard as majority of Russians were (and still are) living in apartments, let no choice but going out for drinks. And yes, bucking stereotype of Russians drinking vodka (bears, vodka, balalaika), the most popular drink for SysOp gathering was/is beer. It was considered either expensive or mauveton to drink out in a bar, so we were drinking in public from a can or "cocktail" from a plastic cup.

    I got into BBS's and later on joined as a Fidonet point and node when I still technically was a kid, so no legal drinking, though there was no age restriction for alcohol back in 90th in Russia. I didn't like the beer taste and I substituted it with other flavored alcohol like Gin&Tonic, Pina Colada, and cheap screwdriver cocktail in a can. The first time I really liked the beer taste was during my business trip to Lubeck, Germany in mid 2000s where I tried unfiltered wheat beer in a bar. I tried some Russian beer brands later but none of them tasted great to me.

    Best Regards, Nil
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