• Roe vs Wade

    From Steven Wolf@1:267/160 to All on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 09:31:37
    Should this case be overturned? I peronally feel women should have all the "rights" when it come to their unborn babies.. I believe the father should have some say when it comes to abortion. In my own life my former wife aborted 2 of "our" the key word being (our) children without my consent. She just went to the clinic and had it done even though I objected. If the father of a child has no say what makes people think the courts are going to stop women from doing whatever they please? The courts will make damn sure the father's pay for these kids though. You can count on that. I just think abortion clinics should at least require a fathers signature. So what are your thoughts on this controverial topic? If the unborn child has no rights does the father have any?

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